Peter Daboll

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Daboll leads Ace Metrix with more than 25 years of experience in the science and business of advertising effectiveness. Peter has spent his career guiding businesses to create technology and build systems that measure consumer response.

Bill Scharninghausen

Chief Financial Officer

Bill Scharninghausen is responsible for the Corporate Finance function of Ace Metrix.

William Parducci

Chief Technology Officer

William Parducci is responsible for the technology and engineering functions of Ace Metrix. As CTO, William oversees all product architecture, design, development, and engineering.

Jeff Stewart

Senior Vice President, Operations

Jeff Stewart is responsible for all aspects of Ace Metrix operations including the timely and cost-effective management of content delivered through the Ace Metrix LIVE platform and its peer products.

Bruce Pivarunas

Chief Product Officer

Bruce Pivarunas is responsible for both driving the client value and actionability of the company’s current product portfolio, and shaping the direction of our future product roadmap.

Tom Stigler

Chief Revenue Officer

Tom Stigler leads the Ace Metrix business development teams across all verticals including agencies, automotive, consumer products, financial services, foodservice, retail, and online publishers.