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September 28, 2015
Study Results Show How to Best Engage Video Viewers on Twitter
by Carolina Arguelles, | Read more
September 15, 2015
Need for Speed Puts Copy Testing to the Test
Brands, Vendors Search for New Ways to Validate Creative Ideas
by EJ Shultz, AdAge | Read more
September 13, 2015
In Turnabout, Candidates With Less Spend More, Candidates With More Spend Less
by Peter Overby, NPR | Read more
August 14, 2015
Back-to-School Creep Recedes as Retailers Push Back Ad Campaigns
Marketers Favor 15-Second Spots This Season
by Ashley Rodriguez, AdAge | Read more
August 07, 2015
Bad Ads Spoil Premium Content. But That’s Fixable
by Peter Daboll, via MediaPost | Read more
July 09, 2015
The Most Effective Ads in Q2 Were Clear Pitches for New Products or Services
Google, E*Trade, Purina score top marks
by Katie Richards, Adweek | Read more
April 09, 2015
McDonald’s, TGI Fridays ads most effective in 1Q
“Positivity” and mouth-watering food resonate with consumers, Ace Metrix says
by Lisa Jennings, National Restaurant News | Read more
April 07, 2015
These are officially 30 of the best TV commercials of the year so far
In a quarter with the biggest annual TV advertising event, The Super Bowl, advertising analytics company Ace Metrix has pulled out the top-performing ads in 30 categories, including retail, fast food chains, insurance, and mobile devices. Ace Metrix analyzed ads in the three months to March 31, 2015.
by Lara O'Reilly, Business Insider | Read more
April 07, 2015
McDonald’s, Coke, Bud Among Q1’s Top Ace Ads
McDonald's may still be struggling on many fronts, but it indisputably produced a winner with its “Pay With Lovin” ad, confirm the Ace Metrix scoring results for this year's first quarter.
by Karlene Lukovitz, MediaPost | Read more
March 03, 2015
Sorry, Scorsese: The Oscars’ Most Memorable, Likeable Tech Ads Were … Maybe Not What You Think
Both Apple and Samsung took the opportunity of the Academy Awards to introduce new, inspiring commercials: see "Apple's Oscars Ad Looks to Scorsese for Inspiration" and "An Ordinary Family Makes a Movie in Samsung's Funny Oscars Spot."
by Nat Ives, AdAge | Read more
February 19, 2015
Among Tax Prep Ads, H&R Block and TaxAct Lead the Pack for Creative Effectiveness
When it comes to advertising for tax preparation companies, TurboTax, the nation’s largest online tax software company, went big this year with a splashy Super Bowl ad buy.
by Nathalie Tadena, The Wall Street Journal | Read more
February 06, 2015
Why McDonald’s — And Others — Dominated The Super Bowl
McDonald’s strutted some serious creative prowess, departing from its de rigueur strategies of enticing food images and reliance on the Ronald McDonald character to appeal to consumers on an emotional and personal level this Super Bowl.
by Peter Daboll, Ace Metrix via Forbes CMO Network | Read more
February 02, 2015
Super Bowl ads’ touchdowns and fumbles
by Gerri Willis, Fox Business News | Read more
February 01, 2015
Star-Studded Super Bowl XLIX Ads: Trend Or Blip?
by Max Willens, International Business Times | Read more
January 30, 2015
This year’s Super Bowl ads take more serious tone
Super Bowl XLIX ads are revealing to be more emotional than past Big Games.
by Gerri Willis, Fox Business News | Read more
January 30, 2015
Are Brands Finally Tiring of All Those Sexy Super Bowl Ads?
For effectiveness, it's best not to have skin in the game
by Robert Klara, ADWEEK | Read more
January 29, 2015
The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads of the Last Half-Decade
A tech player trounced the competition
by Christopher Heine, ADWEEK | Read more
January 28, 2015
Super Bowl Ads: Hits And Misses Of The Past Five Games
For the past few years I’ve written about what works and what doesn’t in Super Bowl advertising. This year, I’m looking back at the hits and misses from the past five years. What makes a good Super Bowl ad?
by Peter Daboll, Ace Metrix via Forbes | Read more
January 16, 2015
Super Bowl Ads Use Robots And Your Data To Get Personal
The game might still be weeks away (and the teams still to be determined), but the annual Super Bowl ad frenzy has already kicked off online. And this year, it's personal — or, at least it will seem that way.
by Martha C. White, NBC News | Read more
January 15, 2015
Why This Ice Cream Commercial Won 2014
The best food commercial last year didn’t feature lobster claws dripping with butter, cartoon cows, or instantly recognizable mascots. And there weren’t the usual waving American flags, tow-headed toddlers, or sassy, self-deprecating celebrities that clutter so many non-food ads anywhere in sight.
by Michael Y. Park, Bon Appetit | Read more