Ace Metrix PRE

Ace Metrix PRE

Ace Metrix PRE™ provides marketers with an opportunity to discover the potential effectiveness of their creative before it ever hits the air. From animatics to full creative, pre-testing gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions. Qualitative and quantitative data can suggest adjustments to creative to improve effectiveness. Demographic profiling allows you to optimize placement. Test multiple creative treatments to identify the strongest candidate.

Select the type of pre-testing that suits your needs or work with our client service team to develop the perfect combination.

Standard PRE leverages the same questionnaire used in the syndicated product. This allows you to quickly and easily compare pre-media ads to in-market ads on an apples-to-apples basis.

Enhanced PRE allows you to add up to five custom questions to the standard survey (four closed-end and one open end).  These additional questions allow advertisers to segment the audience, glean additional insight and pose valuable open ended questions.

Use the enhanced logic survey to gain even more information. This element is designed to simulate a focus group panel moderator in a survey environment.  By identifying specific keywords in open-ended responses, our technology allows you to ask specific, probing follow-up questions.

Marketers use PRE to:

  • Test Variations
  • Adjust and Adapt
  • React in Realtime
  • Be Well Informed
  • Compare and Contrast

Key Benefits

  • Cost Effective A-B Testing
  • Speed
  • Contextual Results
  • Customizable
  • Usability