Ace Metrix TARGET

Ace Metrix TARGET

Our standardized and syndicated approach to advertising effectiveness has Ace Metrix score each and every commercial against a similar general population sample.  This approach allows for comparability within and across industries.  Sometimes, however, marketers want to look closer at a key audience or demographic.

Ace Metrix TARGET allows marketers to define a specific demographic profile for further testing and analysis. By augmenting the general survey population with a specific target, marketers can assess if and how a target audience processes the commercial differently.

Ace Metrix has collaborated with clients to target beer and alcohol consumers, automobile purchase intenders, IT professionals, video game buyers, specific ethnographic targets and has enabled leadership characteristic filters. Ace Metrix VIVA provides a syndicated Spanish language solution and Ace Metrix KIDS provides insights from the 6 – 15 audience.

Marketers use TARGET to:

  • Zero In
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Customize

Key Benefits

  • Speed
  • Comparability
  • Competitive Context
  • Usability