Ace Metrix TREND

Ace Metrix TREND

Ace Metrix TREND enables marketers to measure an ad or campaign’s performance over time by leveraging the same methodology and cutting-edge technology available on the Ace Metrix LIVE platform. Marketers measure the creative effectiveness of a campaign against common Ace Score dimensions and against the competitive landscape over the life of the campaign. This extension of the Ace Metrix LIVE platform gives marketers the elusive wear-in, wear-out perspective on an ad or campaign using both quantitative measurements as well as qualitative feedback from consumers. Advertisers have the ability to add custom questions to Ace Metrix TREND services in order to track specific parts of an ad campaign.

Marketers use TREND to:

  • Determine Wear-in and Wear-out
  • Extend Campaign Life
  • Identify Demographic Trends

Key Benefits

  • Long-term View
  • Fresh Audiences
  • Customizable
  • Quantity vs. Quality