Ace Metrix VIVA

Ace Metrix VIVA

Assess the effectiveness of your Spanish language television ads with access to deep analytics, competitive context, and on-demand reports all available via browser based portal and mobile applications.

Speaking Your Language

Ace Metrix VIVA™ is the Spanish language service leveraging the same methodology and survey used for our general market English language service, Ace Metrix LIVE™. While many firms can conduct individual ad tests, only Ace Metrix can provide the competitive context associated with other Latino creative, and the comparability of data across U.S. Hispanic market competitors. Results are available within a browser-based user interface and via our Ace Metrix MOBILE applications. Our database of more than 20,000 ads includes Spanish ad results from many of the world’s leading brands, and across many categories including Automotive, Financial Services, Insurance, Packaged Goods, Retail, Restaurants, and Telecom Services.


Our syndicated VIVA platform provides:

  • Creative Effectiveness
  • Data Analysis
  • Viewer Comments
  • On Demand Reports

Key Benefits

  • Speed
  • Competitive Context
  • Usability
  • Reports