2012 Brand of the Year Category Winners

Brand of the Year winners earned the highest average Ace Score in their category, based on their entire body of work for the year. This list represents the winner from each category and their most effective ad. Visit the Spotlights page to view more ads for each of the winners.
Automotive Luxury
  • 2012 Brand of the Year Category Winners
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    Ad Title Brand Category Air Date ACE Rank
    Play Ad See The Invisible Kid Infiniti Automotive Luxury 03/07/12 668
    Play Ad Brake Testing Cadillac Automotive Luxury 07/28/12 642
    Play Ad One Foot Forward Ford Automotive Non-Luxury 08/26/12 673
    Play Ad Keith Villa And The Glass Blowers Blue Moon Beverages - Alcoholic 09/03/12 567
    Play Ad It Is Good For You Ocean Spray Beverages - Non Alcoholic 08/13/12 615
    Play Ad Just My Shell M&M's Candies & Snacks 02/05/12 671
    Play Ad Plan and Create a New Way Samsung Hardware Computer Hardware 09/12/12 672
    Play Ad Supporting The Olympics Visa Financial Services 06/25/12 599
    Play Ad The All in One Kitchen Soap Lysol Cleaners Household 06/25/12 677 5
    Play Ad Beautifully Imperfect World Liberty Mutual Other Insurance Insurance 07/29/12 670