How to create ads consumers choose to watch, rather than ignore.



Using Data to Inspire Extraordinary Ad Creative

At last, a book that puts ad creative in its proper place to drive brand success. Ad-itude empowers and advises advertisers and agencies to leverage the data to unleash creative power, impact brand performance, and out market the competition.

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Our industry has been fixated on and transformed by data and technology. For far too long we have left creativity out of the conversation. Daboll masterfully brings our attention back to the core pillar of advertising—the art of storytelling—and demonstrates that the coexistence of art and science is not only a reality, but also a necessity.

- Wenda Harris Millard

President & COO, MediaLink

At the ARF, we have proven that “advertising works” over the course of the past 80 years. Today’s marketers and their insight leaders need new solutions– at scale, and at the speed of life, at their fingertips. In his book “Ad-itude”, experienced leader Peter Daboll helps to articulate and explicate today’s issues and opportunities. He brings forward solutions to answer the C-suite question: ‘Do my marketing dollars drive growth’ and ‘where should I spend my next marketing dollar.’ At the ARF we know how important great creative is, but it has been difficult to measure in the past. Today’s big data analytics open up new possibilities of immediate access to competitive context, and real time insight aided by leaders with new skills: synthesis, speed vs. perfection, and the leadership to take a stand. Ace Metrix is one of many solutions the industry counts on to drive growth.

- Gayle Fuguitt

CEO and President, The Advertising Research Foundation

Facebook has long understood the importance that ad creative plays in impacting user experience and driving ad performance. Ad-itude is a valuable discussion on measuring creative experiences for both advertisers and publishers. We live in a time when the audience is in control, and by measuring ad quality we can deliver better ads and branded video experiences that people will not only choose to watch, but will also drive results.

- Gary Briggs

CMO, Facebook

The explosive growth of digital advertising has understandably placed an increased emphasis on media – but unfortunately at the expense of creative, which many have forgotten remains the most powerful element of the marketing mix. In this easily-readable book, Peter Daboll persuasively re-establishes creative’s importance in the digital age and shows us how science and creativity can live hand-in-hand.

- Gian Fulgoni

Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus, comScore, Inc.

Bernbach’s quote ‘Great advertising can make a bad product fail faster’ is never more true than in today’s advertising business. Daboll’s book “Ad-itude” brilliantly presents that creative reality for digital and video content to help marketers improve their creative outcomes

- George Rogers

WPP, Global Client Director

Table of Contents

Section 1

Optimizing Creative: The Science of Art

First, we’ll discuss the optimization of creative and explores the Science of Art. Today’s Creatives are under more pressure than ever to deliver ROI based on algorithms and other mathematical assumptions that are not in their wheelhouse. What is? The ability to create great visual and audible experiences for consumers. This section begins to raise the curtain on the ugly math behind the scenes.

Section 2

So What Have We Learned About Ads?

Second, we’ll take a look back at what we have learned about ads throughout history, how the most successful ads of yesteryear resonate with today’s consumers, a review of some of the characteristics of great ads, and a look at the very best Super Bowl ads and what they have in common.

Section 3

Measuring Creative Performence

Finally, we’ll delve deep into nuts and bolts of measuring creative effectiveness and discuss why testing is always better than guessing, as well as the dangers of modeling and measurement pitfalls that many marketers fall into.

Peter Daboll, Ace Metrix CEO

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