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December 11th, 2017

MediaPost — USPS, Amazon, Mercedes Pull Heartstrings With Top Holiday Ads

MediaPost — USPS, Amazon, Mercedes Pull Heartstrings With Top Holiday Ads


Tanya Gazdik


USPS is The Most Liked Holiday Ad of the 2017 season thus far, according to Ace Metrix.

Most of the top 10 ads shared a similar heartwarming sentiment with brands focusing on themes such as giving, togetherness and inclusiveness.

USPS secured the number one spot with a heartwarming reminder of its reliable service in “Biggest Gift.” On top of that, it ranks as the best among all delivery service ads dating back to 2010. Amazon and Academy Sports & Outdoors both have two ads each among the Top 10 Most Liked.

Viewers named “the message” the single best thing about 7 of the 10 most-liked ads. The lack of promotions, flashy visuals, and other creative elements among the most liked demonstrates how viewers are simply enjoying advertisers’ uplifting messages that revolve around holiday themes, according to Ace Metrix, which analyzed 275 holiday ads as of Dec. 1, with some of the earliest ads airing mid-October.

Mercedes-Benz featured Santa in its holiday ad “Pitstop,” but for viewers it was an unexpected, adorable puppy that distinguished the ad from other generic holiday auto creative. The ad resonated significantly above auto-industry norms for auto intenders at all stages, but particularly well with those looking to purchase within six months to a year, according to Ace Metrix.

Academy Sports & Outdoors also has two ads in the 10 most liked, one of which tied with Verizon’s “Giving Thanks” for the 4th spot.  Verizon, NFL/Ford, Samsung, and Petsmart all have ads that emphasize the selflessness the holidays bring about.

Even though the emotional ads are not sales-oriented, advertisers should make sure the message has an authentic and clear connection to their brand, or risk causing confusion and lessening desire, according to Ace Metrix.

Samsung did not feature its product until the end which had many viewers puzzling over what the ad was trying to sell. Also, viewer comments revealed some were confused about Verizon’s connection to first responders, or felt the ad exploited them when they saw the brand at the end.

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