How It Works

We measure the performance of TV and digital video advertisements, providing the insight needed to understand and act on the results.

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the ace metrix process

Our technology immediately captures a breaking ad and uses proprietary fingerprinting to determine if it is new. Every ad is shown to a unique set of 500 respondents who complete standardized surveys that assess the ad both quantitatively and qualitatively providing rich insights by demographic segment. As a result more than 12,000 datapoints for each ad, are processed and delivered into our Ace Metrix LIVE software platform within 24 hours. Results are immediately available to clients on desktop and mobile devices.

the ace score: actionable metrics

All ads are scored on 6 factors most likely to influence consumer behavior including relevance, likeability, information, change, attention and desire—as well as re-watchability, purchase intent and brand linkage. Qualitative verbatim responses are the source for our natural language processing scores of emotional sentiment and humor.

Syndicated & Comprehensive

We’ve collected over 100,000 ads from 4,300 brands across 118 categories resulting in over 50 million responses and 35 million verbatims. Our syndicated survey ensures comparability of data while custom questions allow advertisers to gather specific feedback.

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quality Data & Deep Demographic Breaks

To ensure quality data we use respondents from world-class sample suppliers and include proprietary sample balancing to eliminate source bias. We have the highest samples sizes in the industry to ensure robust demo cuts. Our proprietary survey interface makes it fast and fun for respondents to maximize completion.

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responsive innovations

We listen to our client needs and consistently add beneficial new metrics

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