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January 4th, 2011

Ace Metrix Announces Ad of the-Year “Wonder-full” for Samsung 3D TV

LOS ANGELES, CA–January 04, 2011– Ace Metrix™, the authority in television advertising effectiveness, today announced the Ace Score™ Top Television Ads for 2010, including the “Ad-of-the Year”, captured by “Wonder-full”, an ad for Samsung 3D LED TV. “Wonder-full” garnered an Ace Score of 736 out of possible 950, scoring a 759 in watchability and 677 in persuasion. The Samsung ad was also the top scoring ad in Q1 and the highest scoring ad in the annual Male, Female and TV and Appliances categories and remains one of the highest scoring television ads of all time among the more than 9000 ads measured by Ace Metrix.

The 2010 winning ads, listed below in Tables 1 and 2, can be viewed here.

“What’s different about Ace Score is our ability to scientifically measure the impact of creative on consumers that results in changes in their behavior that brands are seeking. Our technology is applied to every breaking ad across all brands and categories, providing unprecedented breadth across the advertising industry,” said Peter Daboll, chief executive of Ace Metrix.

“The ‘Wonder-full’ ad from Samsung clearly resonates with consumers; it was a brilliant execution of a difficult creative challenge– how do you convey the impact of 3D TV in a 2D TV ad?” continued Daboll. “These top 10 ads represent .2% of all new ads in 2010 so landing in the Top 10 is clearly a significant accomplishment for all.”

“Samsung has seen growing interest from consumers to bring 3D into the living room. With this ad campaign, we wanted to show people the potential of unique, immersive 3D home entertainment experiences and we’re pleased that we have inspired people to take the Wonder of 3D home today,” said Peggy Ang, vice president of marketing communications at Samsung Electronics America.

“We are thrilled that ‘Wonder-full’ is being recognized as Ad-of-the-Year by Ace Metrix. Our goal was to create a commercial that could bring to life the wonder of the Samsung 3DTV. ‘Wonder-full’ features an amazing product and a very simple, memorable visual story to demonstrate the experience of bringing 3D home” said Trent Buterbaugh, EVP, account director, Leo Burnett.

Table 1: 2010 Top Ads by Ace Score

Ad Rank Ace Score Brand – Product Ad Title Air Date
1 736 Samsung – 3D LED TV Wonder-full 3/22/2010
2 699 Procter & Gamble – Dawn Wash Away 4/7/2010
3 696 Apple – iPhone Face Time 6/27/2010
4 695 Sony Epic Gaming for All 9/20/2010
5 690 Mars – M&M’s Orange Complains About Being a Pretzel 6/14/2010
6 687 Nestle Oompa-Loompa Sings by Chocolate Waterfall 5/17/2010
7 685 Samsung – Refrigerator Designed with Everyone in Mind 5/24/2010
8 681 Starbucks The Big Picture 4/13/2010
9 680 Apple – iPad iPad Launch Ad 3/7/2010
10 677 Hewlett – Packard Send Photos to Your Printer 10/18/2010

The following ads scored the highest 2010 Ace Scores in each of the designated categories:

Table 2: 2010 Top Television Ads by Category

Category Ace Score Brand – Product Ad Title Air Date
Overall 736 Samsung – 3D LED TV Wonder-full 3/22/2010
Women 736 Samsung – 3D LED TV Wonder-full 3/22/2010
Men 736 Samsung – 3D LED TV Wonder-full 3/22/2010
Automotive 671 Nissan North America Wouldn’t It? 3/22/2010
Restaurants 681 Starbucks The Big Picture 4/13/2010
Technology1 696 Apple – iPhone Face Time 6/27/2010
TV & Appliances 736 Samsung – 3D LED TV Wonder-full 3/22/2010
Consumer Products 699 Procter & Gamble – Dawn Wash Away 4/7/2010
Beverages – All 660 PepsiCo Gatorade The Game Has Evolved 4/23/2010

1 Technology: including hardware, software, games, and telecom; 2 Consumer Products: including packaged foods and personal products. *The Ace Score is powered by innovative, patent-pending algorithms and proven methodology. The persuasion rating is based on the interactivity of six data elements, desire, relevance, likeability, attention, information and change, automatically captured and analyzed for each ad. Watchability measures the engagement that a person has with the ad.

2010 Effective Ad Themes – Philanthropic, Innovative/New Technology

According to the overall Ace Metrix 2010 creative effectiveness data there are two overriding high-scoring themes for the year: philanthropic or “do-good” and innovative/new technology.

Ads featuring topics such as saving wildlife, Dawn’s “Wash Away” and saving trees, Starbuck’s “The Big Picture”, scored high. The Dawn “Wash Away” ad was the highest scoring Q2 ad with an Ace Score 699.

Innovative/new product themes s also resonated extremely high throughout 2010 as seen with the winning Ad-of-the-Year for the Samsung 3D TV, and for Q3 quarterly winners iPad and Nissan, and Sony for “Epic Gaming for All” for the PlayStation 3 which took top honors for Q4.

“Our data shows the successful technology ads created high ‘Desire’ scores while philanthropic ads scored high in ‘Relevant’ and ‘Likeability’. On average ‘Desire’ scores for technology ads were 26% higher than norm; philanthropic ads had ‘Relevance’ scores 23% above norm and ‘Likeability’ scores 26% above norm,” continued Daboll.

Consumers said it best with these comments about the Samsung “Wonder-full” ad:

“This is an awesome commercial, so real and vibrant. I want to go buy a TV right now” commented a female, age 50+. And from a 21-25 year old male, “This ad is amazing. Informative and ground-breaking; just awesome.”

Q4 2010 Top Ads Also Announced: Sony “Epic Gaming for All” Takes Top Spot

Ace Metrix today also announced the Q4 Top Ads for the quarter ending December 31, 2010. Please see the companion release, “Ace Metrix Announces Q4 Top Ads; Games and Tech Lead the Way” for more information.

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