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January 4th, 2012

Ace Metrix Announces Top Ads of 2011

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—January 4, 2012—Ace Metrix, the authority of television advertising effectiveness, today announced the most effective ads overall and across 23 different categories for 2011, a list that represents the top one-half of one percent of all television ads to break in 2011. KitchenAid’s minute-long ad demonstrating its innovative food processor is the Ace Metrix Ad of the Year, achieving the highest Ace Score (699) of all ads in 2011. The Ace Metrix 2011 Top Ads list is the only list that represents the effectiveness of the top television creative by category as derived from a ranking of every new ad to air nationally in the year.

“Storytelling was a powerful creative tool for advertisers in 2011, as we saw from KitchenAid’s Ad of the Year and ads from Google that have put them on the map as a true brand marketer,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “But to be a top ad, you need to deliver more than just ‘likeability,’ which is just one of the many criteria that go into an Ace Score. The highly effective ads on this list need to score well with consumers on multiple dimensions, such as relevance and information. It is an extremely high bar to be on the Ace Metrix ‘Ad of the Year’ list, which represents the best of the best. Our hats go off to the agencies, brand teams, and production teams that achieved this honor.”

In addition to storytelling, product innovation was a dominant theme for 10 of the 23 top category ads.

“Ads that demonstrated product innovation clearly knocked the socks off of consumers,” Daboll said. “The KitchenAid ad did this, as well as ads for Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft Kinect, BMW, and Kindle—which replaced Apple’s iPad as the top tablet ad this year. But what was interesting is that brands that you don’t immediately associate with innovation– like Lysol, Sears, and Columbia—used this kind of messaging very effectively too.”

Many of the top ads of 2011 also included messaging that demonstrated:

  • Philanthropy, like Coca-Cola’s top-ranked “Arctic Home” ad that benefits the World Wildlife Fund or MasterCard’s “Stand Up to Cancer” Ad featuring Ray Romano.
  • Value for money, like Olive Garden’s top-ranked “Something New for Lunch” ad, which also portrays appealing food imagery and achieved the second highest combination of relevance and desire of all ads in 2011 – a key sweet spot for restaurant advertisers.
  • Environmental themes, like BMW’s top-ranked “Ch-Ch-Changes” ad that broke during the 2011 Super Bowl and promotes the company’s “advanced diesel” technology.
  • Humor, like Snickers’ top-ranked ad portraying sharks participating in a focus group, which drove high “watchability” scores.
  • Patriotism, like Budweiser and State Farm’s September 11th Tribute ads, the top ads of the year in the alcoholic beverage and insurance categories, respectively. These ads’ persuasion, likeability, and attention­ scores were instrumental in distancing them from other ads in their categories.

The Ace Metrix Ads of the Year, by Category

Category Brand Ad Title Ace Score Length Air Date
Airlines American Airlines No, Thank You 654 1:00 5/27/11
Alcoholic Beverage Budweiser 9/11 Tribute 665 1:00 9/11/11
Apparel Columbia Men’s Apparel The Jacket Reflects Heat To You 634 0:30 9/18/11
Candy & Gum Snickers Focus Group 668 0:30 1/11/11
Casual Dining Olive Garden Something New For Lunch 674 0:15 10/3/11
Corporate Branding GE Corporate Branding Elephant Dances For Technology 641 0:30 1/12/11
Financial MasterCard Ray Romano: Stand Up To Cancer 646 0:30 7/23/11
Household KitchenAid Food Processor 699 1:00 10/17/11
Insurance State Farm Auto Insurance Thanks 662 1:30 9/11/11
Luxury Auto BMW Super Bowl 11: Ch-Ch-Changes 670 0:30 2/6/11
Mobile Phone Apple iPhone The All New Camera 659 0:30 10/30/11
Non-alcoholic beverage Coca-Cola Arctic Home 683 0:30 11/6/11
Non-Luxury Auto Nissan Vision 652 0:30 8/21/11
Packaged Foods Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking Creme Woman Doesn’t Know What To Cook 650 0:30 2/7/11
Personal Care Lysol Skin Happy Family Healthy Family 614 0:30 3/7/11
Pet Care Freshpet Fresh Meat And Veggies For Dogs 603 0:30 8/29/11
Pharmaceutical OTC Aleve Get A Pain Free Holiday 621 0:30 11/7/11
QSR Pizza Hut All Your Favorites In One Box 662 0:15 11/18/11
Retail Sears 14 Wrenches In 1 644 1:00 11/6/11
Tablet Kindle Instruction We Find In Book Is Like Fire 671 0:30 10/15/11
Telecom Services AT&T Woman Screams At Tarantula 634 0:30 5/16/11
Video Games & Consoles Kinect Sensor Turned Voice & Movement To Magic 683 1:00 11/4/11
Websites Google Dear Sophie 661 1:30 5/3/11

*Definition: Ace Score is the measure of ad creative effectiveness based on viewer reaction to national TV ads. Respondents are randomly selected and representative of the U.S. TV viewing audience. The results are presented on a scale of 0-950, which represents scoring on creative attributes such as relevance, persuasion, watchability, information, attention, etc.

Ace Metrix will reveal the Brand of the Year 2011 on Monday, January 9, 2012.

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