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November 18th, 2010

Ace Metrix Creative Insight: Talking Mr. Peanut Resonates With Consumers

Los Angeles, CA-November 18, 2010 – Planter’s has cracked a hit with its update of Mr. Peanut starring in a national television advertising campaign. According to Ace Metrix™ , the creative lifecycle management company, the ad called “Nutcracker Cracks Mr. Peanut”, which features a talking Mr. Peanut with the voice of Robert Downey Jr., scored 38 points above the norm for creative in the snack category. The ad scored an overall Ace Score™ of 614 and the norm for the snack category is 576. The ad displayed broad appeal and resonated strongest with females age 16-20. It also scored high for likeability and attention; the attention component scored 44 points above the snack category norm.

“Is this the age of reusing past creative ideas? We have seen other brands effectively reuse and rekindle the old spark from past creatives. The appeal of Mr. Peanut to younger audiences might be due to it being the first time they have seen the icon,” commented Peter Daboll, chief executive of Ace Metrix.

As a male viewer, age 21-35 said, “Very nice! I didn’t know the Planters people had a sense of humor! It’s been years since I saw a commercial from them and this is a great one to start with.” And, a female viewer, age 36-49, had this to say, “I didn’t get it. Too much going on. Need to see it again.” To view the ad, please click here.

Both ads feature demonstrations of new technology. The Nissan ad features a series of future car innovations, such as turning bottles into seats, and other environmentally friendly possibilities. The Apple iPad ad shows a quick visual montage demonstrating various iPad features set to music and with no voice-over element. Both ads were created by TBWA Chiat Day/OMD.

Following is the complete Ace Score™ breakdown:

Measure Ace Score Snack Norm
Ace Score 614 576
Persuasion 642 625
Watchability 648 613
Likeability 712 664
Information 571 572
Attention 720 676
Change 642 622
Relevance 617 598
Desire 643 636


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