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April 22nd, 2015

Ace Metrix Introduces the Ad Personality Profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA.— April 22, 2015— Ace Metrix®, the standard in television and video advertising analytics, today introduced the Ad Personality Profile, a new framework designed to vividly reveal which creative characteristics are most influential in powering ad resonance. Ad Personality Profiling provides a critical bridge that efficiently guides marketers from an ad’s holistic Ace Score to its most relevant convergence points of viewer feedback. Combined, the Ace Score, Ad Personality Profile and an array of supportive data points tell the unique story of each ad’s journey toward fulfilling the objectives of its creative brief.

“The Ad Personality Profile provides advertisers with a clear vision into the ‘why’s behind the what’s’ of ad resonance,” said Bruce Pivarunas, Ace Metrix Chief Product Officer. “By pinpointing the communicative personality of an ad, advertisers gain much sharper insight into what is and is not resonating with consumers. This is important because fulfillment of an advertiser’s specific communication objectives depends greatly on whether viewers see an ad as, for example, more of an entertaining breakthrough-focused “performer” or a “professorial” product education-focused ad.”

Ad Personality Profiling enables more nuanced creative assessment by looking at the component drivers of the Ace Score in terms of their relative within-ad importance. An ad’s ability to break through and penetrate consumer hearts and minds can be driven by various combinations of Attention-grabbing power, Likeability, Re-Watchability, Information, Change, Desire and Relevance. The unique ad-specific mix of these creative characteristics determines the persona taken on by the faces, voices, characters and human situations that coalesce to form each of the thousands of video ads vying for a place in our lives.

Ace Metrix has identified five key personalities driven by the Ad Personality Profile:

  • Performer Ads: Performers were born to stand out in the crowd and grab our attention. We are drawn to them because they are highly entertaining and/or stir emotions. Ads with Performer personas are structured with a priority on delivering strong in-market breakthrough.
  • Re-Engager Ads: We are happy to meet up with a Re-Engager in the future, unlike those in our lives that we might feel compelled to avoid. As such, ads with Re-Engager personas are well positioned to leverage repeat/frequency exposure opportunities.
  • Professor Ads: Professors can open our eyes to new ideas and make us better informed, when they can get our attention. Professors may struggle to draw our attention in a crowded room, but shine their brightest in intimate or captive audience settings. As such, ads with Professor personas can often benefit from more targeted reach but higher frequency.
  • Converter Ads: Often in indirect ways, Converters make us think differently about brands and sometimes even life. Converter ads can change perception and put forth a new vision for the direction of the advertised brand.
  • Reinforcer Ads: Reinforcers connect with us by calling upon our often pre-existing desires and/or life relevancies. Oftentimes, Reinforcer ads don’t need creative subtleties to succeed; they are smart enough to identify situations where directly leveraging Pavlovian desire instincts can be enough.

“By understanding the communicative personality of an ad, marketers are able to place both the ad and their brand into the best situation to succeed,” continued Pivarunas. “The introduction of Ad Personality Profiling gives us another way to meaningfully collaborate with clients as they develop and execute their creative strategies.”


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