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July 2nd, 2019

Ace Metrix Recognizes the Top Ads of Q2

Ace Metrix Recognizes the Top Ads of Q2

Hallmark, Cheetos and Volkswagen rank first among the three emotional lists

LOS ANGELES, CA. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Today Ace Metrix, the leader in measuring the impact of video advertising, released its lists of Q2’s top performing ads based on emotional connection. Using Ace Emo, which quantifies emotional impact in advertising, Ace Metrix revealed the most Heartfelt and Funniest ads, as well as the ones that stirred up the most internal conflict among viewers. 

The lists are based on three of the fifty-seven emotional metrics Ace Metrix measures on every ad: Heartfelt, Funny and But. With over 1,900 ads tested last quarter, the spots on each list made the strongest impact for the given emotion.

2019 Q2’s Most Heartfelt Ads:

With both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day falling in the second quarter, tributes to parental love were a common theme among the most heartfelt ads. On top of that, many had more to do with corporate branding than pushing products, indicating these companies are creating a strong emotional connection with viewers through storytelling.

Only 12% of ads in the Ace Metrix database register any signal on the Heartfelt metric, but the top ad from Hallmark joins the ranks as one of the most Heartfelt ads of all time.

Rank Brand Ad Title Length Heartfelt Score
1 Hallmark Mom’s Love is for Always 0:30 10
2 Subaru Comforting Blankets 0:30 7.3
3 Budweiser Dwayne Wade 1:30 7
4 PGA Tour Superstore Love Dad 0:30 7
5 Kohl’s Reasons to Love Mom 1:30 6.9
*Breakthrough capability (combination of Attention and Likeability components) was used as the tie-breaker for third place. 

You can find more details about the most Heartfelt ads on the Ace Metrix site, here.

2019 Q2’s Funniest Ads:

Most of the brands on this list are seasoned in leveraging humor to engage viewers. In fact, it is Geico’s second quarter in a row landing among the top 5 Funniest ads, and the brand even took two spots while doing so. There are two first timers as well: Ladder and Spotify. The top two brands, Cheetos and M&M’s, represent the Candies & Snacks Industry, where two in three ads connected with viewers through humor in Q2. 

Rank Brand Ad Title Length Funny Score
1 Cheetos Cheesy Snack 0:30 8.1
2 M&M New Spokescandy 0:30 7.8
3 Geico Believe It 0:30 7.4
4 Spotify Singalong 0:30 7.3
5 (tie) Ladder Lebron x Arnold Workout Playlist 0:50 7.1
5 (tie) Geico Smart Solution 0:30 7.1

You can find more details about the Funniest ads on the Ace Metrix site, here.

2019 Q2: The Ads that Stirred the Most Internal Conflict

This list is derived from the But metric, which picks up on internal conflict among viewers. This metric indicates that an ad is pulling respondents in multiple directions as a result of having both agreeable and disagreeable aspects. Sometimes it is simply a matter of execution (eg. length) while often times it is more complex. About 13% of all ads in the Ace Metrix database generate this reaction.

Past creatives that have sparked this reaction from viewers to the highest degree include notorious ads like Nike’s “Dream Crazy” and Gillette’s recent take on toxic masculinity. The top ad on Q2’s list joins these ranks as one of the most “But” ads of all time with a score of 10. 

Rank Brand Ad Title Length But Score
1 Volkswagen Hello Light 1:50 10
2 Gillette First Shave, the Story of Samson 1:05 9.1
3 Gatorade Every Day is Your Day 2:40 8.9
4 Monster Energy The Legends 0:30 8.8
5 Gay Beer Gay Beer World Pride 0:40 8.5

You can find more details about the ads that stirred the most internal conflict on the Ace Metrix site, here.

About Ace Emo

Ace Metrix measures the strength of emotional connection in advertising. The proprietary approach quantifies 57 emotions and reactions such as: Heartfelt, Nostalgia, Humor, Authentic, Dishonest, Preachy, and Sexist. Scores are passively derived from voluntary respondent verbatim comments using Natural Language Processing and machine learning analysis. Each of the 57 emotions are evaluated relative to all other ads in the Ace Metrix database, totaling over ten million verbatims.

About Ace Metrix Inc.

Ace Metrix measures ad creative effectiveness based on viewer reaction to video ads, providing the advertising industry an unbiased resource to measure creative impact. Ace Metrix scores every national television and digital ad across 118 categories creating a complete comparative database comprised of over 90,000 ads—Ace Metrix LIVE®. A unique panel of at least 500 consumers, demographically balanced to the U.S. census, scores each ad in the exact same manner. The results are presented on a scale of 1–950, which represents scoring on creative attributes such as Attention, Likeability, Information, Change, Relevance, Desire and Watchability. 

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