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April 8th, 2020

Ace Metrix Recognizes Top Ads from Q1

Ace Metrix Recognizes Top Ads from Q1

Rankings reveal the powerful impact of COVID-19 ads

LOS ANGELES—April 8th (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—Ace Metrix, the leader in measuring video advertising effectiveness, today released its roundup of the top performing ads from Q1 with an additional list for those addressing the Coronavirus pandemic. Out of dozens of measures for creative effectiveness, Ace Metrix recognized the top Breakthrough ads as well as the most Empowering COVID-19 spots.

“While Super Bowl 54 ads were the most impactful in years, that’s a lifetime ago now that we have a new normal,” said Peter Daboll, Ace Metrix CEO. “COVID-19 occupies consumers’ minds 24/7, and they’ve shown they’re open to and even expect brands to communicate what they’re doing during the pandemic. Generally, viewers respond very well to encouraging, relevant and informative messaging. But more importantly, they want to see that brands are doing something meaningful – not just saying ‘we’re in this together.'”

Ace Metrix recently revealed key, actionable insights for advertisers as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis. The study found that on average, ads addressing the pandemic are outperforming all-industry score norms across all component measures — most notably Relevance, Likeability and Information.

The Most Empowering COVID-19 Ads

Of the 100+ COVID-19 ads tested in March, 73% scored on the Empower measure from Ace Metrix’s Cultural Perception scoring system, which quantifies the risks and rewards of communicating values and social objectives in these modern times. Typically, only 12.5% of all ads across industries achieve any signal so this already puts Empowering COVID-19 ads in a highly impactful place.

The Empower score measures positive cultural impact, indicating when an ad’s message inspires, encourages or motivates viewers. The top spots recognized below scored higher than 84.2% of ads with Empower signal. More impressively, Verizon’s “Pay It Forward” broke into the Extreme band of signal — something reserved for the top 0.61% of Empowering ads.

Rank Brand Ad Title Length Empower


1 Verizon Pay It Forward 0:30 Extreme
2 Honda Working Together 0:30 Rare
3 Anheuser-Busch One Team 1:15 Rare
4 Miller Lite Tip Jar 0:15 Rare
5 Google Thank You Healthcare Workers 1:00 Rare
6 NFL Stay Home Stay Strong 2:00 Rare
7 Anheuser-Busch Strong Team 0:30 Rare
8 Walmart Heroes in Vests 0:30 Strong
9 USAA Corp Proud Service 0:30 Strong
10 PGA Tour Great Cause 0:30 Strong

The Top Breakthrough Ads of Q1

The list for top Breakthrough ads is based on a combination of Attention and Likeability components. With over 2,000 ads tested last quarter, those recognized achieved Breakthrough levels recorded by less than 1% of all ads.

Rank Brand Ad Title Length Attention Likeability
1 Doritos The Cool Ranch ft. Lil Nas* 1:00 806 798
2 Hyundai Smaht Pahk* 1:00 816 779
3 Jeep Groundhog Day* 1:00 804 792
4 Google Thank You Healthcare Workers 1:00 782 806
5 WeatherTech Lucky Dog* 0:30 787 789
6 Budweiser One Team 1:15 781 773
7 Bissell Pet Care 0:30 773 781
8 Sam’s Club Thank You, All 1:00 757 795
9 Planters Tribute* 0:30 789 758
10 Freshpet Home, With Freshpet 0:30 765 776

*Super Bowl 54 ad

Visit the Ace Metrix Site for more insights about Q1’s top ads.

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