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February 29th, 2012

And the Winner for Best Oscar Ad Goes to…Samsung

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA.—February 29, 2012—Ace Metrix™, the new standard in television analytics, today revealed the most effective ads of the Academy Awards, a list led by two ads from Samsung.  The highest scoring ad of the night was for Samsung’s Galaxy Note, achieving an Ace Score of 686.  The second most effective was a new ad for Samsung’s SmarTV, achieving an Ace Score of 665.  Of the ten most effective ads, eight were from technology or telecom companies including Samsung (2), Google (1), Sprint (2), and Apple iPhone (2) and AT&T (1).

“It seems the Oscars are becoming a showcase for tech and telecom advertising,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “The battle between AT&T and Sprint was clearly being played out during Oscar commercial breaks, and Samsung’s bold, and very effective moves in promoting its Galaxy Note and its new SmartTV paid off.  Interestingly, Apple re-ran two iPhone ads that debuted earlier in the month, in addition to a new ad featuring iCloud, only one of which (‘Road Trip,’ scoring an Ace Score of 615) performed above Apple’s category norm of 607.”

Other notable performances came from, JCPenney, with four ads starring Ellen DeGeneres, each among the most effective new ads to debut during the Oscars, with Ace Scores ranging between 630 and 552, soaring above the average department store Ace Score of 510 and a series of personal bests for JCPenny’s average score of 516.  The most popular of the four, entitled ‘Receipt Revolt’ struck a chord among women 21-35 and earned soaring Change, Likeability and Attention scores, all more than 15 percent above the component norms for the department store category.

Rank Product Ad Title Air Date Ace Score*
 1 Samsung Galaxy Note The Best of a Phone and Tablet 2/22/12 686
 2 Samsung SmarTV Taking Over 2/26/12 665
 3 Google Plus Instantly Saved 2/11/12 633
 4 JCPenney Receipt Revolt 2/26/12 630
 5 Sprint No Limited for This Device 11/16/11 618
 6 Subway Februany’s On 1/30/12 615
 6 Apple iPhone Road Trip 2/26/12 615
 8 Apple iPhone Command Your Phone to Do Anything 2/8/12 602
 9 AT&T Waterproof Tablet 2/1/12 599
 10 Sprint Woman Uses Data Everywhere She Goes 11/5/11 593

*Definition:  Ace Score is the measure of ad creative effectiveness based on viewer reaction to national TV ads. Respondents are randomly selected and representative of the U.S. TV viewing audience.  The results are presented on a scale of 0-950, which represents scoring on creative attributes such as relevance, persuasion, watchability, information, attention, etc. This list is comprised of the highest scoring advertisements to have run during the Academy Awards show airing February 26, 2012.

Oscar Ads that Didn’t Get a Nod

Twenty-four of the 37 national spots were new ads debuting during the Oscars, many of which failed to win over viewers. Stella Artois’ “Making of the Chalice’ ad, which debuted during the Oscars, was the poorest performing ad of the evening with an Ace Score of 423, followed by the American Express, who broke two new ads during the program that scored at and well below norm for the financial category and below average for their brand. The lowest scoring ad, featuring chef Thomas Keller scored a lowly 427, and American Express’ “Power of Us” ad scored 502.  Miracle Whip’s “Witch Hunt” and Hyundai Azera’s “Lots of Corn” ads rounded out the list of least effective Oscar ads, scoring 500 and 466, respectively.

Others, while escaping the least effective list, earned less than favorable scores: After a stellar showing at the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago, Coca-Cola fell short during the Oscars with the Diet Coke “Hollywood” ad scoring 533, with many consumers who were polled calling the ad “boring.”  Hulu, which debuted a 60 second ad entitled “Alien Forces” (Ace Score: 513), improved some, but not enough, over their bottom-ranked Super Bowl ad “Hulubratory” (Ace Score: 438).

About Ace Metrix

Ace Metrix is the new standard in television analytics. Through patent-pending Ace Score™ measurement technology, Ace Metrix collects and measures the consumer impact of every nationally breaking TV ad in near real-time. Through its Creative Lifecycle Management™ suite of products, Ace Metrix provides actionable creative analysis, from ideation through real-time in-market performance optimization, to many of the world’s leading advertisers and agencies.  Ace Metrix works with leading global advertisers. For more information, visit

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