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January 26th, 2012

Apple and General Motors Ads Dominate NFL Playoff Games

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—January 25, 2012—The NFL Playoffs are often an interesting test run for advertising during the Super Bowl.  According to data released today from Ace Metrix, the authority of television advertising effectiveness, Apple, General Motors (Cadillac), Applebee’s, Nissan, and Google were the most effective advertisers during the past three weekends of playoff football.

Apple held the top two spots with their iPhone 4G commercial touting new camera features (Ace Score: 659) and Siri ad (Ace Score: 658). Cadillac zoomed alongside Siri with its ad demonstrating its braking systems, achieving an Ace Score of 658. Nissan’s Vision ad was the 4th most effective play-off ad (Ace Score 652), followed by Google’s Muppet ad (Ace Score 644).

Only 14 percent of ads to air during the 10 playoff games were new.  Leading the new ads were:

Applebee’s “Under 550 Calorie” ad for steak, achieving an Ace Score of 640, and Chevrolet’s new “Happy Grad” ad for Camaro, which debuted during the NFC Championship to an estimated audience of more than 50 million with an Ace Score of 618.

“We expect to see many of these same advertisers in the Super Bowl, and it will be interesting to see how they adapt their playoff strategies to television’s biggest stage,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix.  “We are looking forward to seeing what General Motors introduces – they are hitting on all cylinders right now from an advertising perspective with strong scoring creative from their entire brand portfolio.”

Automotive ads represented the greatest share of playoff advertising at 27 percent. Restaurants accounted for 19 percent of playoff ads, followed by Telecommunications at 15 percent.

Ace Metrix will reveal the Top Ads of the Super Bowl on February 8th.

About Ace Metrix
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