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September 28th, 2015

Best-Selling Book by Ace Metrix CEO Peter Daboll Officially Debuts at IAB MIXX

Best-Selling Book by Ace Metrix CEO Peter Daboll Officially Debuts at IAB MIXX

“Ad-itude: Using Data to Inspire Extraordinary Ad Creative” Already Earning Rave Reviews from Ad Industry Leaders. Daboll Speaks at IAB MIXX at 4:30 on the Monday of Advertising Week

September 28, 2015 – NEW YORK, NY – A new book from Peter Daboll, Chief Executive Officer of Ace Metrix, the leader in measuring the impact of video advertising, examines how marketers can leverage data to inspire the highest quality ad creative, ultimately impacting overall brand performance. The book, Ad-itude: Using Data to Inspire Extraordinary Ad Creative, achieved Amazon Best Seller status while in pre-sales and has earned rave reviews from some of the foremost advertising industry pundits from organizations including Facebook, MediaLink, comScore, WPP, and The Advertising Research Foundation. Daboll will speak on the opening day of the 2015 IAB MIXX conference in a fireside chat with Carl Kalapesi, the IAB’s Vice President of Industry Initiatives, today at 4:15 p.m. Eastern.

“I am humbled by the industry’s reaction to my book and can think of no better place than the IAB MIXX Conference, the preeminent event for marketing and agency professionals, to officially launch it,” Daboll commented.

In his talk today, Daboll will discuss creative quality in programmatic video. This will be followed by a presentation by Twitter, which will highlight findings from a joint study with Ace Metrix. The Twitter presentation will explore the creative impact of various ad lengths, the importance of a brand’s followers to ad success, the effectiveness of repurposed TV ads, and the top ad characteristics that drive performance.

“The challenge for marketers today is to determine what will get viewers’ attention quickly enough to ensure they watch the ad to completion. Marketers are under more pressure than ever to deliver ROI based on audience targeting and data. But how do we bring creative into the mix to help impact the performance of a campaign?” Daboll said. “In Ad-itude and in my chat with Carl, I will discuss the missing piece of the video programmatic pie—creative measurement—and how it can be a reality sooner than we think.”

About Ad-itude

Ad-itude is a valuable discussion on measuring creative experiences for both advertisers and publishers…” said Gary Briggs, CMO of Facebook.

Ad-itude discusses how using data effectively throughout every stage of the creative process produces ads that consumers choose to view from beginning to end, rather than ignore. Daboll draws from his 25 years of experience in the science and business of advertising, exploring lessons learned throughout advertising history to present day, identifying obsolete rules that wrongly guide many marketers, while warning against modern-day modeling pitfalls.

“Bernbach’s quote ‘Great advertising can make a bad product fail faster’ is never more true than in today’s advertising business,” said George Rogers, WPP’s Global Client Director. “Daboll’s book Ad-itude brilliantly presents that creative reality for digital and video content to help marketers improve their creative outcomes.”

Ad-itude shows the difference between testing and guessing, and why experimentation is always better than relying on assumptions that lure marketers into dangerous ROI traps. Daboll outlines recommendations for an iterative versus sequential approach to measuring creative effectiveness, resulting in maximum impact for any ad or campaign.

“Our industry has been fixated on and transformed by data and technology. For far too long we have left creativity out of the conversation. Daboll masterfully brings our attention back to the core pillar of advertising—the art of storytelling—and demonstrates that the coexistence of art and science is not only a reality, but also a necessity,” said Wenda Harris Millard, COO of Medialink.

Ad-itude is currently available in hardcover and Kindle version at booksellers nationwide. For more information, please visit

About Peter Daboll

Peter Daboll has more than 25 years of experience in the science and business of advertising effectiveness. He has spent his career developing and implementing analytical models and testing systems to measure consumer response to advertising. As CEO of Ace Metrix, Peter has led the company in developing innovative metrics and methods for helping advertisers make better, more impactful video creative. Peter was also the CEO of Bunchball, Chief of Insights at Yahoo!, and president and CEO of comScore Media Metrix. Peter began his career with senior management positions with the Analytic Consulting Group of Information Resources, Inc., (IRI) and Nielsen where he pioneered the use of scanner data into developing marketing mix models. He has received numerous industry awards recognizing his leadership in advertising research including a 2011 Great Mind award from the ARF, and is a regular contributor to media outlets and advertising industry associations.

About Ace Metrix

Ace Metrix provides technology, tools and insights that enable the advertising ecosystem to understand how and why video creative works with viewers. Advertisers, agencies and publishers rely on Ace Metrix to provide qualitative and quantitative measures, normative data and competitive insights that inform each phase of the creative lifecycle, resulting in advertising that consistently delivers results. The Company’s comprehensive suite of tools map to ad objectives, including the creative impact of persuasion, breakthrough, emotional connection, and indicators of shareability. The Company is privately held and is backed by leading venture capital firms and industry leaders including Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Palomar Ventures, Leapfrog Ventures and WPP.


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