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November 14th, 2012

Which Brands are Leading the Race for Brand of the Year?

The following brands are contenders for brand of the year within their respective Industry, based on average Ace Score for ads airing from January 1st through November 1, 2012. For more information, read the full release here.

**Correction:  Upon further review of the luxury automotive industry ads collected from January 1 through November 1, two brands have a tied average Ace Score. Therefore, we have updated the watch list to reflect six brands.

Ace Metrix scores every nationally airing television advertisement across 23 industries, 85 categories and is therefore uniquely qualified to report a brand’s overall effectiveness across the entire video advertising industry’s body of work over a year, as well as year over year.  To qualify for Ace Metrix Brand of the Year, brands must have debuted five or more unique pieces of creative within an industry containing more than 125 pieces creative and five qualifying brands. Ace Metrix will reveal the final Brand of the Year in the first week of January once all ads for 2012 have been scored.


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