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March 28th, 2018

There is a Line Marketers Should Not Cross with Heartwarming Ads

There is a Line Marketers Should Not Cross with Heartwarming Ads

Ace Metrix ‘next level’ emotional analysis reveals Millennials want their brands to stand for something more, but may not want to carry the load

LOS ANGELES﹣(BUSINESS WIRE)﹣Ace Metrix, the leader in measuring the impact of video advertising, today released an analysis of three unique clusters of ads with different degrees of “heartfelt” emotions to uncover whether there was a “line” that marketers shouldn’t cross as they appeal to Millennial sensibilities.

In fact, advertisers can go too far. The findings reveal Millennials aren’t as receptive to ads that suggest they be a part of the solution or live the brand’s values themselves (or those that appear disingenuous). These ads, making up the “Smart Heart with a Conscious” cluster, posted the poorest performance of the three groups across every performance measure Ace Metrix tracks. Moreover, Millennial viewers reported a weaker emotional connection with ads that pushed for personal action. It seems these viewers do not want their brands to hold them accountable for the world’s problems.

However, it is important to these young consumers that brands share and promote the same values that they themselves align with. “Smart Heart” ads connect best with this audience, giving Millennials a reason to select a given brand or company beyond the functional product features. Authenticity was a key attribute for these ads, as well as delivering on Inspiration and Heartfelt metrics.

The three clusters analyzed are labeled as either “Heartfelt,” “Smart Heart,” or “Smart Heart with a Conscious.” Ads in the “Heartfelt” category simply entertain viewers with emotionally charged stories that warm hearts. “Smart Heart” creative engages both hearts and minds as advertisers communicate their values or how the brand is spreading good around the world. Lastly, the “Smart Heart with a Conscious” cluster consists of ads that go beyond “Smart Heart” by invoking our personal conscience, with most making a direct appeal for us to do something – i.e. volunteer.

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