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October 7th, 2019

Nike Earns Three Spots on List of Most Empowering Ads of Q3

Nike Earns Three Spots on List of Most Empowering Ads of Q3

List is Based on Ace Metrix’s New Cultural Perception Measure

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ace Metrix, the leader in measuring advertising effectiveness, today released Q3’s most Empowering video ads in terms of cultural impact. The brands recognized outscored over 1,700 ads from last quarter on the Empower metric from Ace Metrix’s new Cultural Perception scoring system.

To measure how successfully ads are reaching consumers when navigating the risks and rewards of communicating in these modern times, Ace Metrix recently developed scores that gauge consumers’ Cultural Perception of ads, indicating both positive and negative reflections of a brand:

  • The Empower metric measures the positive impact of an ad’s message, indicating the degree to which viewers find it encouraging, inspiring or motivating. High scoring ads on this metric are authentic, and often “walk-the-walk” of a cause and inspire people to take action.
  • The Exploit metric quantifies the negative impact, indicating the degree to which an ad might offend viewers in some manner, whether that’s via stereotyping, pandering, objectification, glorification, portraying racism or sexism, or even a brand attempting to attach themselves to a cause that is not relevant.

These scores are derived from Ace Metrix’s emotion measurement platform, which applies NLP and machine learning techniques to tens of millions of voluntary viewer verbatim comments.

Ads that are Empowering represent 23% of all ads Ace Metrix has tested.  But by scoring in the highest level of Empower, this list represents less than 1% of all ads. Each spot scored very low on Ace Metrix’s Exploit metric indicating there was minimal risk of negative reaction from the general public.

Coming off the tailwind of a strong earnings report, Nike earned three spots on the list of Q3’s Most Empowering. All three stem from its “Sport Changes Everything” campaign, and each details the odd-defying accomplishments of unconventional athletes.

Visit the Ace Metrix site for more insights on Q3’s Most Empowering ads.

The Most Empowering Ads in Q3

Brand Ad Title Ad Length Air Date
Nike Justin Gallegos 1:00 7/9/19
Nike Maynor De Leon 1:00 7/9/19
IBM Changing the System 0:30 8/28/19
Frosted Flakes Mission Tiger 0:30 8/5/19
Subaru Love Promise 0:30 8/9/19
Southern New Hampshire Get Your Degree 0:30 8/7/19
NFL Huddle for 100 0:30 9/18/19
Verizon Closing the Divide 0:30 9/21/19
T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge 2019 0:30 8/10/19
Nike Chantel Navarro 1:00 7/8/19
Hyundai It Takes A Village | Hope On Wheels 0:30 9/5/19
Citibank Citi Entertainment Takes on Confidence 2:00 9/4/19
ESPN There’s No Place Like Sports 1:00 9/3/19
Dick’s Sporting Goods To Whom It May Concern 1:00 8/2/19
Purdue University Challenge Yourself 0:30 8/17/19

About Ace Metrix Inc.

Ace Metrix measures ad creative effectiveness based on viewer reaction to video ads, providing the advertising industry an unbiased resource to measure creative impact. Ace Metrix scores every national television and digital ad across 118 categories creating a complete comparative database comprised of over 90,000 ads—Ace Metrix LIVE®. A unique panel of at least 500 consumers, demographically balanced to the U.S. census, scores each ad in the exact same manner. The results are presented on a scale of 1–950, which represents scoring on creative attributes such as Attention, Likeability, Information, Change, Relevance, Desire and Watchability. Ace Metrix also measures the strength of emotional connection in advertising. Scores are passively derived from voluntary respondent verbatim comments using Natural Language Processing and machine learning analysis.

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