November 11th, 2013

Ace Metrix MOBILE HD – iPad 2.0 release is here!


Ace Metrix

We’re pretty excited about the latest version of our iPad application. We already thought our iPad app was sweet, but this release is truly something special. Imagine having the latest data on your ads and your competitors at your fingertips – just in time for that meeting or while you’re working on the train or, dare we say, while watching the late night news. Our Ace Metrix LIVE subscribers don’t have to imagine because they have free unlimited access to all of our apps. So, if you are an Ace Metrix client be sure to download the latest version of this iPad app and our iPhone and Android apps too. This latest iteration takes advantage of iOS7 and brings even more slices of data to the pad.

The app is available in the iTunes store.
(We also issued a press release on the app this morning. Click here to read the official word.) 
There are some great new features wrapped in a slick, highly intuitive UI. In fact there are so many new features that we encourage you to read the instructions on each page the first time you download it so you can take full advantage! It’s that good!

Here is a listing of all the new bells and whistles:

  • Completely new UI that blends both brand and ad performance in a seamless visual experience
  • New gesture based interaction capabilities that take advantage of the newest capabilities available in iOS 7
  • A new slide under menu option to maximize the visual work area
  • The ability to select brand lists by their name from a central menu
  • The ability to select the norm type to accompany charts and other views
  • The ability to create brand lists on the fly by selecting multiple brands from the Browse Brands lists
  • The ability to view multiple demographics on a single screen
  • Significant enhancements to the region map
  • Enhanced text analytics, including the capability to filter a word cloud with multiple words
  • Introduction of the new ad timeline

Here are some screenshots to motivate you to get over to the iTunes store:

Also, don’t forget about the alerts capabilities across the entire Ace Metrix MOBILE portfolio. With the alerts configured, you can be informed of every breaking ad – as soon as it appears in the system.

Your standard username and password represent your credentials for the mobile platform – nothing else is needed. You can find the other apps here:

Ace Metrix MOBILE for iPhone 

Ace Metrix MOBILE for Android

Ace Metrix MOBILE HD for iPad

Closing Thoughts
We take our role as the innovator in this space seriously, and we sincerely hope that you see that in the products and services we continue to bring to market. Our clients are a big part of that and we want to thank you again for your continued support in helping us to develop and evolve our product line.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact your client service rep should you have any questions or want a refresher training for your team – we genuinely like talking about our products and explaining how to leverage the platform to your advantage.

Finally, stay tuned! We will be releasing several new additions to our product system in the coming months that allow marketers to dial into specific audiences more efficiently and while retaining maximum comparability.


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