August 6th, 2014

Why Funny and Yummy Work for Twix and Baskin-Robbins


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Twix’s newest knee-slapper was relatable and delicious enough to score big with consumers last week, outperforming its category by 18% to earn the title of Category Overachiever and delivering the highest scoring Candy & Gum ad in over two years. On the heels of Baskin-Robbins being named our latest Brand to Watch, its newest ad, “Celebrate 31,” has the highest Ace Score of any new ad to debut last week. Both of these ads not only won big with consumers, they also managed to do so in just 15-seconds—a rare accomplishment on our Ad of the Week list.

Ad of the Week: Category Overachiever

Using humor in a candy commercials is far from a rare event, but crafting a funny candy ad that is also creatively effective is a much tougher cookie to crumble. Twix’s new ad “Boss Tells Employee to Get Out” is a 0:15 recut of a 0:30 ad that debuted two months prior. The new 15-second version entered our database with an Ace Score of 659, which is 18% higher than the 12-month Candy & Gum category norm and 12 points higher than the longer original.

Nostalgia may have played a key role in boosting scores. Consumers ages 36-49 scored the ad 8% higher than 21-35-year-olds and 17% higher than 16-20-year-olds.

Scoring over 700 in the components of Likeability, Attention and Desire, the Twix ad was able to be humorous while also being relatable—an important factor for effective humor—with a Relevance score 15% above the 90-day norm.

Looking at the word cloud, combining the 312 optional responses, 22% of consumers mentioned they thought the ad was “funny.” Twix also seems to be a consumer favorite since 9% of consumers said they “love” the cookie, caramel candy bar.

You may be wondering, why didn’t the 0:30 version score as well as the 0:15 version? While it’s true that longer ads typically perform better than shorter ads, this ad does defy that trend. Granted, a 12-point difference is rather small, there is still a bounty of insights to glean from the data – and we’d be happy to share some with our candy-loving marketers.

Do you have a superb read on the consumer mind? Fill out the form below with your guess of what consumers found to be the best thing in this new Twix spot. Guess correctly, and we’ll send you your very own Ace Metrix t-shirt and a delicious, crunchy Twix bar. Yes, this deal really is this good.

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Ad of the Week: Top Ace Score

Baskin-Robbins’ latest mouthwatering spot scooped up the highest Ace Score last week, beating over 100 other tested ads. “Celebrate 31” entered our database with a 673 Ace Score,  not only offers the iconic, ice cream-delish visuals, but also a special promotion.

Every gender/age demographic scored “Celebrate 31” above the QSR norm; however, 21-35-year-olds rated the ad the highest, 18% higher than the 90-day average for the QSR category.

Baskin-Robbins seems to always win with Desire, and this ad is no different. The Desire score is a sweet 21% above the norm.

Baskin-Robbins makes it very clear in 0:15 what it is all about—delicious, smooth, tasty ice-cream. There’s no question about it. And this message comes through loud and clear to consumers. Twenty-nine percent of consumers indicated that the product was the best thing about the ad with the promotion (17%) and visual scenes (16%) coming in at a close second and third. Consumers reiterate these same sentiments in the optional comments they provided with many noting how the visual scenes made them say, “I want that!”

Be sure to check-out the deeper analysis on Baskin-Robbins’ 2014 advertising campaign; it’s melting with insights and statistics.

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