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October 10th, 2014

Among TV Services Ads, Hulu Ad Wins On Emotion

Among TV Services Ads, Hulu Ad Wins On Emotion


Nathalie Tadena

The Wall Street Journal

By Nathalie Tadena

Of the bevy of commercials aired by TV services companies this year, an ad from online video provider Hulu has been the category’s most effective, according to research firm Ace Metrix.

Hulu’s commercial ”Don’t Wait, Start Watching Now”– a montage of scenes from TV shows that viewers can watch on Hulu Plus –  resonated particularly well with consumers because of its emotional sentiment, Ace Metrix said.  The research firm uses a sample of more than 500 viewers to score an ad’s effectiveness based on traits such as persuasion and likeability.  Twenty-six new ads from the TV services sector — which encompasses companies ranging from telecom  TV  to online video providers –  have run in the past 90 days, and 74 ads from the category have aired year-to-date.

The second most effective ad in the category, Amazon Fire TV’s “Gary Busey Meets Amazon Fire TV,” had the highest score among potential new buyers, Ace Metrix added. Meanwhile, ads from Netflix and Comcast had the highest ability among the sector’s top commercials to “break through” marketing clutter to reach consumers, based on how likeable and attention-grabbing consumers found the ads to be, Ace Metrix said.

Here’s a rundown of the most effective TV services commercials of the year, according to Ace Metrix:

1. Hulu’s ”Don’t Wait, Start Watching Now”

2. Amazon Fire TV’s “Gary Busey Meets Amazon Fire TV”

3. Netflix’s “Better Off Watching”

4. Dish Network’s “Backseat Peace”

5. Time Warner Cable’s “Ray Donovan Interruption”

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