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October 5th, 2009

Ace Metrix™ Announces Quarterly Creative Top 10 Highest Scoring Television Ads

Los Angeles, CA – Ace Metrix™, the leader in on-demand advertising intelligence, today announced the Ace Score™ Quarterly Creative Top 10, a quarterly ranking of the Top 10 television ads with the best creative effectiveness as measured by the Ace Score. The Ace Score is a patent-pending measurement of creative effectiveness based on measures of persuasion and watchability, and delivered by the on-demand Ace Metrix™ service.

“Messy Hands”, an ad for Delta Faucets, a division of Masco Corporation, took the top spot for the quarter ending September 30, 2009, with an Ace Score of 705 out of a possible 900, 758 for persuasion and 628 for watchability.

Delta Faucets is the largest U.S. manufacturer of residential and commercial faucets. “Messy Hands” features a montage of hands being washed with an artful, gleaming faucet. The ad scored particularly high with women, age 36-49.

Second place for the quarter went to Southwest Airlines and its “Bags Fly Free” ad with a total Ace Score of 664, 720 persuasion and 626 watchability. This ad, promoting Southwest’s free baggage policy, scored highest with women over 50.

The complete Ace Score Quarterly Creative Top 10 for the quarter ending September 30, 2009 is as follows:

Ace Score Persuasion Watchability Brand Ad Title Air Date
705 758 628 Delta Faucets Messy Hands 7/13/2009
664 720 626 Southwest Bags Fly Free 9/5/2009
656 693 642 Samsung People Take Photos 9/16/2009
640 687 624 AT&T Two iPhones Work Together 8/3/2009
639 656 658 Evian Roller Babies 7/7/2009
638 679 632 Nintendo Wii Motion to Reality 8/5/2009
635 687 623 LG Refrigerator Is it a Refrigerator or Something Better 7/27/2009
635 674 639 AT&T Man Finds Girl’s Lost Dog 9/15/2009
632 695 610 Febreze Authentic Scents Without Fire 8/31/2009
632 679 621 Sears Trust in Your Hands 9/13/2009


“Our research shows the Ace Score to be a very reliable measure of creative effectiveness,” said JuYoung Lee, co-founder and chief scientist at Ace Metrix™. “These companies with top 10 scores for the quarter are demonstrating superior ability to deliver an ad that is effective in reaching targeted customers with a persuasive message.”

The Ace Score is powered by innovative, patent-pending algorithms and proven methodology. The persuasion rating is based on the interactivity of six data elements, desire, relevance, likeability, attention, information and change, automatically captured and analyzed for each ad. Watchability measures the engagement that a person has with the ad.

Ace Metrix™ is an on-demand service that delivers timely, actionable advertising analytics including invaluable competitive insights. Ace Metrix™ measures breaking television ads, syndicates the Ace Scores through the Ace Metrix™ service and also offers custom Ace PreTest™ for campaigns in development.


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