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December 7th, 2010

Ace Metrix Announces Top Holiday TV Ads

Ace Metrix™, the authority in television advertising effectiveness, today announced the top holiday ads for 2010, based on the patent-pending Ace Score™ measure of advertising creative effectiveness. Coca Cola’s “Snow Globe”, featuring Santa shaking a snow globe containing a small holiday town, took top honors for the best holiday ad of 2010. The ad scored an Ace Score of 658, out of a possible 950, over 110 points above the beverage category norm and over 120 points above the average score in the Ace Metrix database of nearly 8,000 national ads. Over 120 national holiday- themed ads have launched since October, representing over 17% of all new ads, and include retail, auto, technology, consumer/packaged goods, and food/snack ads.

“The Coca-cola ad resonated particularly well with women ages 36- 49; scoring high in both attention and likeability. Says one Mom, ‘Coke and Santa go together. The best holiday ad so far, all good and heartwarming’,” said Peter Daboll, chief executive of Ace Metrix. “According to our research, Coke’s holiday ad this year outperformed the Coke holiday ad, animated polar bears and penguins, from last season, specifically performing better among younger audiences.”

“In general, in order to be successful holiday ads need to create broad demographic appeal. We see this effect with the Coca-cola “Snow Globe” ad; every demographic group likes this ad,” continued Daboll.

The complete Top 10 Holiday Ad 2010 list is below:

Rank Product Ad Title Ace Score
1 Coca-Cola Classic Snow Globe 658
2 Amazon Kindle Grandma Holiday Ad 646
3 Nintendo Wii Woman Gets Out of Doing Chores 641
4 M&M’s Mike and Jen’s Faces on Candy 638
5 Hershey’s Chocolate People Sing Carols 628
6 Verizon Wireless Snowman Becomes a Droid 622
7 Infiniti Competitive Winter Event 614
8 Planters Nuts Nutcracker Cracks Mr. Peanuts 614
9 Best Buy Who’s Supporting Christmas 614
10 Hershey’s Delightfully Delicious 607

Top Holiday Ads by Category:

Category Brand Ad Title Ace Score
Retail Best Buy Who’s Supporting Christmas 614
Automotive Infiniti Competitive Winter Event 614
Technology Amazon Kindle Grandma Holiday Ad 646
Snacks, Food, Alcohol & Other M&M’s Mike and Jen’s Faces on Candy 638


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