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June 16th, 2009

Ace Metrix™ Debuts Revolutionary On-Demand TV Advertising Creative Measurement

Los Angeles, CA – Ace Metrix™, a leader in on-demand advertising intelligence, today announced its revolutionary television advertising creative measurement service called Ace Metrix™. The new service is designed for advertisers and agencies looking to understand the performance of their ad creative, track the creative performance of competitive ads in their own market and across other industries, and respond to consumer trends and feedback very quickly. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, a first for the television advertising measurement industry, ensures Ace Metrix™ data is delivered quickly, anytime, anywhere and in an affordable manner.

Television advertising still leads the way when it comes to ad spend. Over forty-six billion dollars were spent on television advertising in 2008 and most leading brands depend on television advertising for their brand-building. Despite the large sums at risk, little has changed over the last fifty years about how ad creative effectiveness is measured. Aside from focus groups which are formative not normative and traditional panel-based opinion surveys which can be slow and cumbersome, advertisers have few options when it comes to creative measurement.

New approaches, such as those from Google TV and Project Canoe, are attempting to solve the problem of “addressability”, understanding if a specific ad is reaching a specific viewer. But even with these new advances, there remains a “missing link” which is the measurement of the effectiveness of the creative itself.

With Ace Metrix™, advertisers can now answer questions such as, “How do I know if my message is persuasive?” “How does my ad creative rank when compared to the ads of my competition and to ads in related industries”? How do I know how real consumers react to my ad creative?”

“We are changing the rules of the television advertising game,” said Steve Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Ace Metrix™. “Now advertisers don’t need to risk their ad spend. Instead, they can have an online dashboard full of on-demand insights into their own creative and their competitors to guide their decision- viable delivery mode for this near real-time, actionable information.”
“Ace Metrix™ is like ‘overnights’ for TV ad,” continued Goldman. “With the actionable data from Ace Metrix™, advertisers know what to tweak, what to run by gender, income, geography, what to pull and more.”

Ace Metrix™ technology gives advertisers tools and data they’ve never had access to before including standardized metrics that enable advertisers to benchmark ads within their brands and against the competition. Daily updates of breaking ads help brand managers quickly determine what works, what doesn’t and why, saving millions of dollars in misdirected ad spending.

New Dimension to Advertising Analysis

“We have long been committed to providing our advertisers with a complete understanding of how well television advertising is working for them,” said David F. Poltrack, chief research officer, CBS Corporation and president, CBS Vision. “To adequately provide such an understanding, we must have a valid and reliable measure of the effectiveness of the ad itself. Ace Metrix™ provides such a measure. With Ace Metrix™, advertisers get an unprecedented view into the relative performance of their creative message, allowing them to optimize creative execution before the campaign airs and measure the efficacy of ads over the course of the campaign”

Early Ace Metrix™ Customers: Coldwell Banker and Deutsch

Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC., is using Ace Metrix™ to test the creative performance of their own in-market advertising and that of competitors and as a replacement for traditional, more expensive and less timely, copy testing.

“Annually we spend millions of dollars on television advertising. Naturally we want to make sure those dollars are working as hard as possible for us. And, we want to know how our creative stacks up against our competition. Now, for the first time, I’ve got all that information, at my fingertips, thanks to Ace Metrix™,” said Michael Fischer, senior vice president of marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

“I love the real-time data element of Ace Metrix™ and the ability to look across industries and see trends as they development. It gives me a new and extremely useful barometer on the consumer mindset,” continued Fischer.

Leading full-service advertising agency Deutsch, Inc., is also an early Ace Metrix™ adopter. Deutsch is using Ace Metrix™ for insights into client advertising effectiveness, and for better understanding of competitive ads as part of the business development process.

“Ace Metrix™ gives an immediate way to see how our ads are doing in the marketplace,” said Mike Sheldon, president, Deutsch, Inc. “And, the view into competitive ads is sensational. At a certain point, I don’t see how you can do business without this.”

Ace Metrix™ Based on Patent-Pending Ace Score™

Developed by leading advertising research scientist and Ace Metrix™ co-founder, Dr. JuYoung Lee, the Ace Score separates Ace Metrix™ from any other ad measurement system available today. The Ace Score is powered by innovative, patent-pending algorithms and proven methodology.
The Ace Score is a calculated score based on raw data that measures persuasion and watchability. The persuasion rating is based on the interactivity of six data elements, desire, relevance, likeability, attention, information and change, automatically captured and analyzed for each ad. Watchability measures the engagement that a person has with the ad.

The Ace Metrix™ Service Components include:

Ace Metrix™ Availability

Ace Metrix™ is an online-subscription service available now from Ace Metrix™. For more information please see


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