November 19th, 2013

Ads of the Week: Kohl’s “Christmas Surprise” & Ziploc’s “Redesigning The Way We Store Food”


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Ad of the Week: Category Overachiever

Although holiday ads have been topping the Ads of the Week for a while now, this is the first holiday-themed Category Overachiever. Kohl’s “Christmas Surprise” reminds us what this season is all about, which is why it earned an impressive Ace Score of 639, 23.7% above the Department Store category norm.

This warm, fuzzy, feel-good ad melted everyone’s wintery heart. Unexpectedly, men ages 50+ scored this spot the highest of all gender/age demographics for men. (See the gender/age graph for Ziploc below for a more typical chart.) 

This sweet spot’s scores in Likeability and Attention were nearly off the charts. Likeability was 25% above the category’s 90-day norm, meaning survey respondents really liked this ad—you could almost say they loved it.

Sixteen percent of respondents who wrote an optional verbatim used the word “very” in their response, making it the most-used word. Here at Ace Metrix, we often like to filter the verbatims by “very” responses to see what impressed consumers so much. As you can see, 18% of those responses mentioned how “touching” the commercial was, while another 16% said Christmas and 12% mentioned the brand Kohl’s.

Although we now have scores for dozens upon dozens of holiday ads, this is one of the few ads that highlights doing good deeds for others this holiday season. Will more heart-warming ads top our lists before Santa’s sleigh bells ring?

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Ad of the Week: Top Ace Score

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, so are the mounds of turkey and stuffing leftovers wrestling with everyday food for space in the refrigerator. Ziploc’s timely, new spot “Redesigning The Way We Store Food” debuted last week and entered our analytics platform with an Ace Score of 659, spoiling the chances for the other 96 ads that aired.

Women were especially fond of Ziploc’s food-saving device, rating this spot 15% above the 90-day norm for the Food Wraps, Foils & Bags category.

For many consumers, a vacuum sealer system seemed to be just what they were missing from their kitchen. Seven percent of survey respondents who left a verbatim for the ad mentioned the “vacuum sealer”, and another 18% mentioned Ziploc by name.

This commercial’s ability to provide ample amounts of information about a product in just 30 seconds was the key factor for making this spot so successful.

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