August 25th, 2015

Jeep Parks in the Victory Lane


Ace Metrix

Jeep grabs the Category Overachiever title with their Renegade-featured ad, while Olive Garden snags another Highest Ace Score title.

Category Overachiever: Jeep’s “Take Off”

Jeep wins this week’s Category Overachiever title with their new spot, “Take Off.” The ad received an Ace Score of 624, a score just over 14 percent higher than the 12-month Non-Luxury Auto category norm.

“Take Off” was powered by Likeablitiy, Relevance, and Information. People particularly appreciated the new information shared in the ad.

Take Off

Men aged 21-35 and women aged 36-49 scored the ad best, awarding “Take Off” a 666 and 658 respectively.

Take Off Age Gender

People also enjoyed the music featured in the ad, “Renegades” by X Ambassadors, with 11 percent of respondents mentioning the word “music.” Viewers appreciated the “new” (6 percent) and “informative” (4 percent) aspects of the commercial, and an additional 8 percent liked the “features” of the car that were described.

Takr off word cloud

Highest Ace Score

Olive Garden snags another Highest Ace Score Title, this time with their ad, “Buy One Take One :30.”

The ad was powered by Desire and Relevance, as is typical with food featured ads. Olive Garden certainly made their food look delicious once again!

Olive Garden

Optional verbatim comments left by viewers reflected the high scores in Desire and Relevance, with 21 percent mentioning the “food,” 9 percent saying they were “hungry,” 7 percent said they “want” the food featured, and 6 percent said the food looked “delicious.”

Olive Garden


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