August 20th, 2015

Chase Rolls A Victory and Another Two Tie for Top Dog


Ace Metrix

This week, the Highest Ace Score title has not one, but two winners! Both TGI Friday’s and Papa John’s tied with an average Ace Score of 672, while Category Overachiever goes to Chase Banking, for their pawesome new spot.

Highest Ace Score (#1)

The first Highest Ace Score winner is TGI Friday’s, with their new ad, “Endless Apps.” The ad was powered by Desire and Relevance, scoring highly in both components. Their close up food visuals, and great deal made consumers hungry for their appetizers.

TGIF Ad Personality

For $10 and endless appetizers, it is no surprise that 27 percent of consumers voted the single best thing about the ad to be the deal mentioned.


Highest Ace Score (#2)

Papa John’s ties TGI Friday’s for Highest Ace Score with their 59 second ad, “Better Pizza.” People appreciate when restaurants make an effort to make their ingredients better, so it is only fitting that Papa John’s comes out on top with “Better Pizza.” The new ad was driven by Desire and Information, informing people of the better ingredients and using visuals to entice them to try it.

Better Pizza Ad Personality

Interestingly, respondents who have children scored the ad nearly 12 percent higher than those without kids.

Better Pizza Children At Home Chart

Category Overachiever: Chase Banking’s “Dog Trainer”

Dogs prove to be winners again, as Chase Banking’s new spot, “Dog Trainer” features several adorable puppies. With an Ace Score of 615, the ad scored 19 percent higher than the 12-month Banking category norm. “Dog Trainer” effectively broke through with consumers, scoring highly in both Attention and Likeability components.

Dog Trainer Ad Personality

Additionally, the ad received an Emotional Sentiment score nearly 35 percent higher than category norm. What was so effective with consumers can be highlighted in the optional verbatim comments, where 37 percent mentioned the “dogs,” 16 percent thought both the dogs and the ad were “cute,” and 6 percent actually mentioned that the ad captured their “attention.” Dog TRainer Word Cloud
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