December 18th, 2014

#TBT to the Pairing of a Classic Cereal and Christmas Story


Parker Phillips


Cheerioats were invented in 1941 by Lester Borchardt. The name was eventually changed in 1945 to the name we know today—Cheerios. There have been over 10 different types of Cheerios through the years; however, the original Cheerios have been in production since the 1940s. Moreover, nothing reminds us of the holidays quite like the classic mashup of this cereal brand and Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol. This classic commercial, featuring Buzzbee and Ebenezer Scrooge, is the longest running Cheerios ad, originally debuting in 1989 while still airing occasionally during the holidays today.

Curious as to what today’s consumers would think of the Cheerio’s “Scrooge” ad, we had 500+ survey respondents watch and then answer some questions about the vintage spot. The ad came back to us with a notable Ace Score of 618, which is 6% above the cereal category average. Additionally, the Cereal category is one of the higher scoring for Ace Metrix, making this Throwback Thursday’s ad score even more impressive.

Not much of a bombshell, but 43% of consumers currently have Cheerios in their home right now, while 48% have used the brand in the past. Together that makes an overwhelming 91% of the 500+ consumers currently or recently having owned a box of Cheerios.

An additional, one-sided stat for the Cheerios’ holiday ad is the 76% of viewers believe that the brand still represents the ideas and values of this vintage ad.

One of the more impressive figures for this ad is its Emotional Sentiment score, which achieved an impressive 78 out of 100—28% higher than the brand’s average.

The use of a widely loved story helped to give this ad a timeless quality, and it looks like we may be seeing this ad for holidays to come.


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