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December 23rd, 2015

This Year’s Most Effective Holiday Ads


Ace Metrix

Holiday ads, perhaps more than those of any other season or event, have the unenviable task of capturing consumer attention when it is most fleeting. Message bombardment reaches its frenzied peak somewhere between the time we finish Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas morning. In order for advertisers to deliver effective creative, they must align with a specific objective, such as grabbing attention, providing useful information, or being relatable. Once aligned with a particular goal, an emotive approach – such as being humorous, heartfelt, or awe-inspiring – will help a message be memorable.

This year to-date, we’ve tested 377 holiday ads, and identified those ads that excelled at a particular dimension such as Attention, Likeability, Information, or Relevance. As you’ll see, some of these ads strike an emotional chord, others highlight a philanthropic spirit, and some are purely product or deal-focused. Grandma’s Cookies scores high Likeability with a nearly three-minute long digital ad, and a spot from UPS embodies a theme of frustration that many of us can relate to at this time of year.

Top Holiday Ads By Component Score

Most Attention Grabbing (Attention Component Score)

Toys “R” Us: “Exactly What You Wish For” (734 Attention Score)

Target: “Starry Night Before Christmas” (716 Attention Score)

Temptations Treats: “Say Sorry for the Holidays” (713 Attention Score)

Most Likeable (Likeability Score)

Grandma’s Cookies: “Santa & Grandma’s Cookies Deliver Holiday Magic” (801 Likeability Score)

Walmart: “Fill The Tuck” (767 Likeability Score)

Audi: “The Forecast” (763 Likeability Score)

Most Informative (Information Score)

Kmart: “The Giving Hat” (727 Information Score)

Mazda: “Drive For Good Event 2015” (720 Information Score)

Kohl’s: “Mastering Shopping” (683 Information Score)

Most Relevant (Relevance Score)

T.J.Maxx: “Bring Back the Holidays” (721 Relevance Score)

JCPenney: “Favorite Brands” (688 Relevance Score)

UPS: “Gift Packing” (681 Relevance Score)

Enjoy the holidays, and if you want to know more about these standout ads, contact us today.



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