October 15th, 2013

Winning the Other Six Days of the Week with Ruby Tuesday


Ace Metrix

I am headed to Dallas this week to speak at the Corporate Researchers Conference with Bob Gannon, the VP of Marketing Strategy and Insights at Ruby Tuesday. This is my first CRC event and I feel pretty fortunate to share the stage with a market research pro like Bob.

We are going to be talking about Ruby Tuesday, their rebrand, how they are approaching TV and the tools we employ together to ensure that they maximize every media dollar they spend. Here are some of the topics we will touch on:

  1. Did you know that Restaurants have one of the smallest score gaps between :15 and :30 spots of any industry? What components are the driver of this behavior and what does it mean for media plans?
  2. Little things make a big difference. The tone of voiceover, the # of scenes. They all add up to more effective creative.
  3. Little things require testing to evaluate their impact. You can’t do testing if it takes weeks to get your results back. That’s where speed comes in and we will discuss how Ruby Tuesday put us through the paces over a two week period to test six different pieces of creative.
  4. Benchmarking is the key to understanding performance. But it is not about asking how you did against your own ads or your last campaign. There are 250+ pieces of new creative in the casual dining category alone. It is about how you are doing against the entire basket of competitive brands.
  5. Brands are actually pretty good about listening to their customers. How that information makes its way through the organization and how it gets interpreted is potentially another story for another blog post but we talk about a concept of listening by asking. The idea is that every ad is an opportunity to pull feedback from both loyalists and rejecters. The qualitative and quantitative results are pretty interesting.
  6. TV is bought and sold through demographics. It remains a fact of life that most everyone dislikes for one reason or another. Still, that model has resulted in plenty of data on which shows overindex with which audiences. That represents a big opportunity if you can get granular with demographics and understand where your ad works and with whom. We will dig into some campaigns where that information was particularly helpful as Ruby Tuesday sought to maximize their media spend.

Each one of these topics has a few slides which we will post alongside the video of the event when it is done. If you are in the big D for the event, be sure to check out the session.


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