Case Study

Social Media Nearly Kills an Effective Jell-O Campaign

Jell-O introduced a new adult-oriented snack, Jell-O Temptations.
Kraft and their agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, created six humorous, but edgy commercials with a production budget well into the millions.

Within days of the first ad’s airing, nearly 180,000 Facebook users “liked” a Boycott
Jell-O group protesting what they saw as an “anti-kid” message. Kraft feared permanent harm to the Jell-O brand and considered scrapping the entire campaign.

Within 24 hours of the first ad’s airing, Ace Metrix was able to provide data to Kraft that showed the Facebook group to be nothing more than a highly vocal minority.

While the Ace Score for the first ad was higher than any Kraft ad in years, it took a deeper dive into the demographics to confirm that the core audience for the product—females, and especially moms—really liked the commercial, scoring it well above category norms.
Ace Score

In fact, the Change score, which signifies how much the ad changed the viewer’s opinion of the product or brand, was 6% above norm for the Snack category. Using Ace Metrix data, Kraft was able to:

  • Assess in real-time that the Facebook boycott group was not
    indicative of their core target’s perceptions of the ad
  • Make informed decisions based on hard data and a large sample
  • Move forward with the campaign, thereby saving millions in
    media spend and lost production costs; the next ad in the campaign,
    The Choco Beast, became the highest-scoring ad in Kraft history,
    outscoring every other ad to debut the same week across categories,
    and remains today the highest scoring Jell-O ad to date.
choco Beast

Social media moves exceptionally fast, which can lead to poor decision-making if other data is not available in the same
time frame that presents a more complete picture of the situation.


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