iSpot Acquires Ace Metrix Creating Cross-Screen Platform to Measure Brand Impact and Business Outcomes for TV Advertising in Real Time.


Ace Metrix helps advertisers, agencies and publishers design creative to drive sales.

Why Measure Creative?

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Why Ace Metrix?

Real-time Viewer Data Across All Screens

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Historical + Competitor Insight

Learn not only from your brand performance, but competitors within and across categories within 24 hours of an ad breaking.

With 100,000+ TV and digital videos measured, ad performance can be analyzed and compared to any database, category and brand-specific norm.

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Granular Demographic Cuts

Know who your ads are resonating most & least with to improve targeting and overall impact.

Syndicated availability of granular demographic cuts from large sample size (n= minimum 500 per ad).

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Quantitative + Qualitative Measures

Quantitative measures provide insight into the creative's ability to achieve its objective.

Qualitative viewer verbatims give insight into "why" consumers scored ads as they did.

Innovation is key, and new measures are continuously being created to meet the needs of the ever-evolving ad industry.

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Always-On Accessible Data

Access data from your browser and mobile apps – anytime, anywhere.

Get real-time alerts when new ads are available – yours and your competitors.

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