August 13th, 2013

Ad of the Week: Best Buy’s “Rep Rates”


Ace Metrix

After narrowly missing Ad of the Week first place honors last week, Best Buy turned in an exceptional performance with their Back to School spot “Rep Rates” which beat the twelve month Other Stores norm by nearly 21%. “Rep Rates” 603 Ace Score is not only 226 points higher than the category norm but is the number three spot for Best Buy in the last year and in the top ten all time for the brand. Meanwhile, Microsoft earned the spot for highest Ace Score this week with a score of 643.

Ad of the Week: Category Overachiever

Best Buy earned its 603 Ace Score with above norm scores across all components, but particularly in Desire and Information. “Rep Rates” does a good job of showing off how the 2-in-1 detachable notebook from HP works and making respondents feel “I want that”. The 667 Desire score is fifth in the last year in the Other Stores category, and when paired with the 650 Relevance score, it shows how hot the tablet market is for the younger demographic.

Best Buy’s ability to impart Information was also strong in the spot- the 681 Information score was not only 125 points above norm, but fourth in the category over the last year. Best Buy maximized the :30 spot by both showing and telling about the HP product- consumers where able to see real-life situations where they might choose the laptop over the tablet and vice-versa. Information scores carried over to the qualitative replies as well, with 9% of the 221 respondents to the optional open-ended verbatim question using “Informative” in their response.

“Rep Rates” scored well across all demographics, but did particularly well with young men and women and women 50+. Women 50+ may be the ones doing a lot of the Back to School shopping with their children, so the price points and gift card offer would be particularly appealing to this demographic.

Best Buy did a particularly good job selling the HP Split X2- respondents organically mentioned HP in their optional open-ended question 10% of the time while mentioning Best Buy 16%. From a co-branding standpoint, what great exposure for HP!


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Ad of the Week: Top Score

Tablets and technology had a good week last week, as our absolute Ace Score winner for the week was Microsoft with their “Oh Snap” spot featuring the Surface tablet and earning a 643, earning fifth place on the gap to norm list for the week as well. “Oh Snap” is another comparison ad between the Surface and the iPad with what sounds like Siri’s voice doing the narration. High Attention scores point to Microsoft hooking consumers from the beginning while Desire scores 73 points above the Computer Hardware norm show that continued interest in feature-rich tablets is high.

Congratulations to Best Buy and Microsoft for putting out two pieces of exceptional technology creative!

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