September 3rd, 2013

Ad of the Week: IKEA “Downsized Upgrade”


Ace Metrix

For the third time this summer, a member of our Other Stores category has earned Ad of the Week Honors. IKEA garnered a 580 Ace Score for their spot “Downsized Upgrade,” beating the Other Stores twelve month category norm by 19.2%.


“Downsized Upgrade” uses a combination of humor and product highlights to entertain. The spot beat the Likeability norm by a stunning 123 points. Respondents also really liked the products they saw, with Desire scores beating the Other Stores norm by 137 points. Despite having only 38 stores in 21 states, and looking to appeal to homeowners, IKEA was still able to beat the Relevance norm by 95 points. By showing off their modern kitchen products as well as the low price you can get a complete remodel for, IKEA positioned itself in reach to the masses.

Not surprisingly, the ad did better with women, by more than 70 points. However, each of the male demos scored the spot above the category average, including the elusive Men 50+. The fact that the spot had a humorous angle and showed a whole family, not just a woman, helped bring men along – and, the affordability angle doesn’t hurt either.

While we’ve seen many ads that score high on our Funny Index, it’s not always a sign of creative effectiveness. IKEA managed to do both in “Downsized Upgrade”, with 22% of the 249 verbatim responses using the term “funny.”

It was a strong week for creative, with Extra gum putting out a :60 spot that scored a 620 Ace Score, good for 14.2% higher than the Candy & Gum twelve-month average and the highest Ace Score for the week on an absolute basis. “Origami” shows the bond Extra helps build between a father and daughter over time. Our only complaint is we want a how-to video for making the origami swan in the commercial!

Also earning honorable mention this week is Nike’s 1:30 spot, “Nike Presents: Just Do It,” earning a 519, 12.9% above norm. With strong Relevance and Attention scores, Nike was able to create an entertaining spot, however, there were many (17%) who felt the spot was too long. We do love seeing brands experimenting with different lengths, and Nike delivered.

To watch this year’s winning Ads of the Week by Category Overachievers, click here.

To watch this year’s winning Ads of the Week by Ace Score, click here.


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