August 27th, 2013

Ad of the Week: Infiniti “Frozen Moment”


Ace Metrix

Infiniti took the double in week 34, topping the charts on both a relative and absolute basis, beating the Luxury Auto twelve month average by 17.4% with its 633 Ace Score.  This is the first Ad of the Week win for the brand in 2013.  Infiniti has become more of a force to be reckoned with from 2012 forward, improving its overall score 5.8% from 2011 and propelling itself to the top of the Luxury Auto category in the Ace Metrix BLACKBOOK.

The feature-focused “Frozen Moment” shows off the accident-warning capabilities of the Q50.  The car can sense what is happening in front of the driver, warning her about a possible collision ahead, giving her time to stop and avoid a potential accident.  By both showing and telling consumers about the car’s new capability, Infiniti grabbed respondents Attention and earned towering Information scores while beating norms by nearly 100 points across all components.

Feature-focused spots tend to do well in the Luxury Auto category as well as others, such as Appliances and Technology.  Buick was in the top three ads for Q1 2013 for their spot showing how the Buick Enclave can be started and warmed up remotely through a cell phone app.   The Ad of the Year for the last two years has been for appliances showing off their features.  Samsung won 2012 honors with their spot “For Your Big Life” showing off the size and versatility of their French door refrigerator.  KitchenAid topped the 2011 charts with their spot showing off all the different capabilities of their food processor, earning an Ace Score of 699.

While some respondents complained that they didn’t learn enough about the whole car, most people were awed by the car’s ability to detect an accident before the driver could.

Women were particularly brought in by the safety element of the Q50’s new capability, with 7% of women using “safety” in their verbatim responses.  Men focused more on the feature being interesting “technology”, with 12% of male respondents using the term in their verbatim.  Overall, Women liked the ad better by 23 points, while the Male scores were brought down by Men 50+, who are a difficult group to impress not matter what your product is.

Our runner up for Ad of the Week honors was Verizon’s “Catch Me if you Can :60” spot that shows off the durability of their new Droid phone and earned a 557, 13.9% above the Telecom Services twelve month norm.  Proving that durability features score with consumers, AT&T had a similar spot earlier this summer, touting the Samsung Galaxy S4’s waterproof capabilities that also scored highly with a 626.

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To watch this year’s winning Ads of the Week by Ace Score, click here.


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