April 7th, 2015

Jeep Double Parks in This Week’s Ad of the Week


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Parallel parking can be a puzzling, aggravating aspect of driving, especially if you live in a big city and drive an SUV. Luckily, auto manufacturers are slowly making our parallel parking-ridden lives a little easier with cars that will do the tough job for us. Jeep just debuted an ad last week to not only swipe Ad of the Quarter honors but also win this week’s Ad of the Week, both in terms of overachieving for its category and earning the highest Ace Score. This rare double victory for the non-luxury auto brand is meaningful for both Jeep and the auto categories.

Category Overachiever & Highest Ace Score

Over the last few years in the auto industry, car ads have become increasingly focused on automating our more undesirable driving activities, helping us to drive safer and easier. In Jeep’s newest ad, “Park Assist,” the auto manufacturer touts its new auto-parallel parking feature—no doubt a great help when you’re driving a larger vehicle. Consumers awarded the ad an Ace Score of 648, which is 17% above the 12-month Non-Luxury Auto norm.

“Park Assist” achieved its twofold success by conveying an ample amount of information, which drove consumers to say, “I want that!”. The ad’s Information component scored 24% above the 90-day norm while the Desire component came in 18% above the Non-Luxury Auto norm.

Younger consumers particularly embraced the concept of a car that can park itself into a tricky spot. Men and women ages 21-35 gave the ad a score of 695, 15% higher than what consumers ages 50+ scored the ad.

Reading through the ad’s 296 optional comments, many consumers marveled at the Jeep’s ability to parallel park itself. Seventeen percent of consumers discussed “parking,” both as a feature of the car and in regards to their ability (or inability) to parallel park.

Interestingly, while the Jeeps in the ad “dance” to music from the Nutcracker, none of the 296 consumers noted the ‘un-seasonality’ of the music. In contrast, 6% of those respondents talked about how they enjoyed the music and found it particularly fitting for the ad.

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