November 26th, 2014

Nest and Subway take Ad of the Week Honors


Ace Metrix


Just up the street from our own Corporate Headquarters, this week’s Category Overachiever goes to Silicon Valley-based Nest electronics for “Spycam”, having earned an Ace Score 625, 18% above the electronics category norm and the largest gap to norm of any ad to debut last week. The ad is narrated by the family pooch, who, is not nearly as thrilled with the installation of the new dropcam that now keeps watch over his every move.

The clever use of a dog to narrate achieves strong breakthrough, earning Attention and Likeability scores well above norm. Meanwhile, the furry canine drives product interest through ample information and shots of the stylish camera. Twenty-eight percent of consumers note the dog as the best thing about the ad, followed closely by 20% who said the product was the best thing.

The ad had broad appeal, generating top scores across age and gender but performing best with the 36-49 crowd. Seventy percent of consumers were able to identify the Nest brand after watching the ad.

And the winner for the ad with the highest overall Ace Score of the ~100 to debut on television last week is Subway’s holiday themed ad “Cool”, Ace Score 670. Notably the ad also came close to winning the Category Overachiever status as well with an Ace Score 16% above the QSR norm. Amazon’s Fire “More TV” slipped in right between these two ads with an Ace Score of 634, 17.62% (a few tenths of a percent below the Nest ad).

Subway’s “Cool” leverages strong product affinity, earning outstanding Relevance and Desire scores. The ad’s message of Customer Appreciation and the associated deal is well addressed in the 329 optional verbatim comments left by consumers who rated this ad. Fifteen percent of responses included the word “deal” and six percent said “hungry”. The ad has a rare demographic skew, earning top scores from mature women (36-49) and younger men (16-20).

The ad’s brightly colored winter wonderland animation and cheerful holiday music grab consumers attention and deliver strong Likeability and Attention scores, both landing at 713.

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday looming ahead, we’re excited to see what advertisers have in store for us as the final weeks of the year fly by.


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