July 7th, 2015

Samsung Charges and Nike Zooms to the Top


Ace Metrix

New products make the difference for this week’s Ad of the Week winners. Samsung introduces their wireless smartphone charger to win Highest Ace Score, while Nike presents their Air Zoom Elite 8 shoes to outperform the 12-month Footwear category norm.

Highest Ace Score

It is no wonder Samsung nabbed this week’s “Highest Ace Score” prize, as their new ad, “Wireless Charging” features something people have certainly been waiting for – a wireless charger for Samsung smartphones. The new spot earned an average Ace Score of 681, the highest of all ads that debuted in the 26th week of the year.

“Wireless Charging” scored well across all components, but was particularly product driven, scoring highly in both Relevance (697) and Desire (708). Additionally, the ad scored well in Information (685), successfully communicating Samsung’s intended message to consumers. SamsungComponent When asked what the best thing about the ad was, 43 percent of viewers said, unsurprisingly, that it was the product itself. SamsungBestThing Additionally, out of the 330 optional verbatim responses left for the ad, 18 percent mentioned “charger” and “charging” and 10 percent used “wireless,” suggesting that the true power of the ad originated from the wireless charger itself. Samsung

Category Overachiever: Nike’s “Find Your Fast”

The Category Overachiever title goes to Nike this week, for their new spot “Find Your Fast.” The ad, featuring the new Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 shoe, scored just over 21 percent higher than the 12 month Footwear category norm.

“Find Your Fast” was powered by both Attention and Desire, scoring a 703 and 631 respectively. The ad also scored well in Information (630), an interesting result, as the ad featured no spoken audio. Nike The attention-grabbing and desirable qualities of the ad could be seen in the optional consumer verbatims, where 7 percent actually mentioned that the ad captured their “attention,” 30 percent mentioned the “shoe,” and an additional 6 percent mentioned that they “want” the new product. Nike The “Best Thing” about the ad, according to 31 percent of respondents, was the visual scenes, followed closely by the product itself (27 percent). NikeBestThing

Watch this year’s winning Ads of the Week by Category Overachievers.

Watch this year’s winning Ads of the Week by Ace Score.


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