April 23rd, 2014

Sargento’s Freshest Ad Makes Consumers Melt


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It’s not often that the Dairy category churns up such a standout ad; but this week, Sargento brought a lot of cheddar to the category and in the process achieves a rare double winning both the Category Overachiever and Top Ace Score titles. Its newest :30 ad, “Difference in Slices,” takes a unique approach to advertising a dairy product. Throughout the ad, Sargento compares its cheese to the rival “cheese.” (Yes, cheese in quotations, because technically it isn’t really cheese.)

Ad of the Week: Category Overachiever & Top Ace Score

Sargento’s “Difference in Slices” entered our Ace Metrix LIVE platform with an Ace Score of 690, which is 25% above the Dairy category norm. The ad’s ability to show fresh visuals of its cheese and rally consumers against processed “cheese” all while still being a family-owned company is what made this ad a success.

Female respondents especially wanted that fresh Sargento cheese and rated the spot 10% higher than what men awarded the ad.

Slicing through verbatims by response length shows how passionate many consumers are about eating real, quality cheese. In fact, 9% of the 355 verbatim responses mention how much they “love” either the Sargento brand or cheese, in general.

Consumers’ love of cheese is reaffirmed in the components chart. While four of the seven components break 700, the Desire score is a noticeable standout, coming in 23% above the Desire 90-day norm for the Dairy category.

It’s not often that an ad wins both titles of Category Overachiever and Top Ace Score for Ad of the Week. This cheese spot stands on its own and, as the data shows, fits a wide range of demographic groups, making it prime for a variety of media buys.

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