January 13th, 2015

TGI Fridays Cooks Up a Double Win in the New Year


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The new year is full of new beginnings, and many brands are sharing this sentiment with fresh pieces of creative. Last week, TGI Fridays debuted a mouthwatering 0:30 spot reminding consumers about their 2014 goals—whether it be to lose a few notches on the belt or indulge on a whim. The winning ad not only received the highest Ace Score but also outperformed its category competitors by a larger percentage than any other ad to debut last week, earning both Ad of the Week titles.

Category Overachiever & Highest Ace Score

TGI Fridays is no stranger to delectable ads accompanied by hard-to-resist deals. After its Unlimited Apps deal last year, TGI Fridays garnered much media attention and high Ace Scores. Now, TGI Fridays is back with another genius offer—dinner and a drink for just $10. “January” easily convinced consumers to go out to Fridays, earning the ad an Ace Score of 695, a score 12.4% above the 12-month Restaurants norm.

Consumers of all ages and genders found “January” to be particularly persuasive. Women ages 36-49 and 50+ especially loved the ad’s deal and visuals, scoring the ad the highest Ace Scores, 726 and 720, respectively. Likewise, men ages 21-35 also awarded it an Ace Score above 700.

The ad exceeded 90-day Restaurant norms across all components, earning scores above 700 for many of them. However, the ad particularly excelled for its ability to drive Desire and Likeability while also conveying Information. The tasty visuals in “January” boosted the Desire score to 10.5% above the Restaurant 90-day norm while the ad’s details about their food and deal earned TGI Fridays an Information score 12% above norm.

A quarter of consumer respondents indicated that the ad’s deal was the best thing about “January” while 18% said it was the ad’s scrumptious product, leading many consumers to mention the deal and comment about how delicious the food looked. Of the 355 survey respondents who left feedback for TGI Fridays, 11% mentioned the “deal” while 7% said the ad made them “hungry.”

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