October 9th, 2014

Vintage Skippy Ad Is As Smooth As Its Peanut Butter


Ace Metrix


Skippy Peanut Butter has been a major competitor in the peanut butter space since the 1930s. Recently, Skippy launched its first TV ad campaign in over five years, even creating a new, catchy tagline—“Skippy Yippy.”

This week’s throwback ad, “Skippy Hike,” stars Annette Funicello, a famous actress and singer of the time and a member of the Mickey Mouse Club as a child. Remarkably, 10% of the 309 respondents who chose to leave an optional verbatim mentioned Annette by name.

Over three decades later and the ad still strikes a chord with today’s consumers. After the ad was viewed and evaluated by 500+ consumers, the ad received a score of 640. This vintage ad scored higher than Skippy’s most recent TV ad by nearly 6%. It also obtained a Desire score of 672, 9% above the 90-day Desire norm for the category.

Tugging consumer heartstrings to the past, the Emotional Sentiment score surpassed and the category norm by 10% the overall norm by 24%.

“Skippy Hike” is one of the less remembered ads we have tested for Throwback Thursday with 47% never having seen the ad prior to the survey. Still, 60% believed the vintage ad still represents the brand as it is viewed today.

Many consumers really enjoyed the performances of both Annette Funicello and the young child actor in this classic spot. Twenty-eight percent of the viewers believed that the characters were the best part of the ad.

Even though it’s been 33 years since this ad first aired, consumers still love seeing Skippy on the screen with many hopeful that the ad will return.


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