August 12th, 2014

Walmart and Perdue Committed to Helping Consumers in New, Informational Ads


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For the second time this year, Walmart debuts a Discount Stores category winner to earn the title of Category Overacheiver for the week. Its latest spot features its new mobile app focused on saving its shoppers even more mula. Perdue’s newest ad entered our database with the highest Ace Score of the nearly 100 ads to debut last week. Educating viewers about its all-USA-based product, the meat company keeps America entertained while educating on their quality measures to get consumers on board.

Ad of the Week: Category Overachiever

Consumers awarded Walmart’s newest winner, “Catch The Price,” an Ace Score of 642, which is 18% above the 12-month Discount Stores category norm. The ad starts with an adorable girl explaining how her mom can’t stop talking about Walmart’s Savings Catcher app and the mom goes on to explain how the app is used.

Every age and gender demographic, aside from Males/50+, scored the ad above the current 90-day norm. Interestingly, males ages 36-49 rated the ad the highest, 23% above the category norm.

The quality and amount of information in the spot is what really set it apart from the average Discount Stores commercial. Usually a low scoring component for the category, the Information score is 21% above norm.

“Catch The Price” helped consumers see the benefits of Walmart’s newest money-saver immediately. The word cloud, aggregating 319 optional consumer responses, shows what respondents learned from the 30-second spot. Seven percent of responses mention the “savings” the app provides while 8% mention how the app can “save” them money.

Walmart’s motto is “Save Money. Live Better.” The new money-saving app fits perfectly with its slogan, and this standout ad exemplifies the app and Walmart’s commitment to savings.

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Ad of the Week: Top Ace Score

Perdue’s new ad, “Get Chicken That Hasn’t Crossed An Ocean,” has an Ace Score of 650, the highest score of any ad to debut last week. The animated ad can be summed up quite well with its title. In the ad, Perdue informs consumers about its dedication to quality, USA-raised chickens—surprisingly, not a standard to which its fellow meat brands adhere. 

The ad has a somewhat V-shaped gender and age distribution, with younger males and more mature females rating the ad the highest. Males ages 21-35 awarded the ad a score of 679, 13% above the 90-day Meat category norm.

Much like Walmart’s ad, it was the ad’s ability to impart information that helped improve its score with consumers. The Information score is 15% above that of the average Meat commercial, which is usually lacking in info. Additionally, the ad’s Relevance score is noteworthy, scoring 9% higher than the Relevance norm.

Wading through the 365 verbatims, we can easily see why both Relevance and Information scored so high. Many consumers mentioned that they didn’t know overseas chickens were coming to the US market, while others noted that they were grateful Perdue was committed to providing quality and safe meat.

Perdue has certainly hit a hot button for consumers by discussing the quality of chicken in the US, with the verbatims bringing exceptionally interesting understandings of where consumers are on this issue. Many of these insights, when crossed with the demographic data, provide analytics on which consumers are primed for this type of advertising message.

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