June 12th, 2013

Ad of the Week: Duracell’s “Restoring Power To Lives”


Ace Metrix

In the wake of Moore, Oklahoma’s devastating tornado, Procter & Gamble’s Duracell brand began a relief campaign called Power Forward, which brought personal power, charging stations and internet connection to the victims. Their ad “Restoring Power to Lives,” which aired on 6/5, features real images of the destruction and its victims. The ad boasts a gap of 18% above the General Business category norm of 572 with an Ace Score of 676. All component scores were through the roof but Information, Attention, Change and Likeability were especially high. This disaster relief ad has an impressive Emotional Sentiment Index score (58) compared to the category norm (49).

Although all gender/age demographic breaks gave the ad phenomenal scores, it was Females 36-49 who connected most and scored it 26% above the category norm, followed closely by Females 50+.

From the 248 optional verbatim responses, we can see that viewers appreciated the service Duracell provided along with the fact that they were not advertising a specific product. The brand name “duracell” was specifically called out by 26% of the respondents, an indication of successful brand messaging.

This type of relief ad reminds us of other similar ads, most recently from Allstate during Hurricane Sandy. Philanthropic messaging tends to do well with consumers as long as it is done in a selfless and non-exploitative way.

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