February 4th, 2015

Best Buy and Eggland’s Best Educate to Drive Desire


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While everyone is talking about the biggest advertising event of the year, Super Bowl XLIX, we want to make sure you still see some of the great ads that aired before Sunday. Best Buy and Eggland’s Best each debuted new ads that won with consumers. Best Buy’s product-centered spot featured the Samsung Curved TV to earn the title of Category Overachiever in Retail – Other Stores. Similarly, Eggland’s Best focused on its fresh product—eggs—to earn the highest Ace Score among all ads to debut this past week.

Category Overachiever

Best Buy is certainly not a newcomer to Ad of the Week. As a seasoned veteran, we’ve seen in the past how featuring a much-loved product can help the retail brand appeal to consumers. Best Buy’s ad, “The Difference,” uses this approach in the newest ad of the “Blue Shirt Beta Test” campaign. “The Difference” earned an Ace Score of 646, which is 21% higher than the 12-month norm in the Retail – Other Stores category.

“The Difference” showcases the Samsung Curved TV. Interestingly, it just so happens that the original ad for the Samsung Curved TV won Ad of the Week last year for its Ace Score of 716. Similarly to that spot, the ad’s product is what really wowed consumers in “The Difference”. Among the 500+ consumer respondents, 38% identified the Samsung Curved TV as the best thing about the ad. Another 16% indicated that it was actually Best Buy, the ad’s brand, that was the best thing.

Overall, the ad provided an ample amount of information for consumers, helping to create an afinity for the product and advertising brand. The Information score is 22% greater than the 90-day norm for the category. Likewise, consumers indicated their longing for the product, scoring Desire 30% higher than the norm.

This high desire is reaffirmed in the word cloud, below. Sixty-six of the 500+ consumers surveyed opted to leave feedback for the advertiser. Of those, 7% mentioned that they “want” the Curved TV while 24% just mentioned the “TV” in general. But Best Buy didn’t go unrecognized either, 9% of consumers mentioned the big retailer by name.

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Highest Ace Score

While Best Buy’s Category Overachieving ad scored quite high, no ad beat Eggland’s Best’s Ace Score last week. The egg producer’s “Better Eggs in Many Ways” earned an overall Ace Score of 661. While the ad is only 15 seconds, it does a superb job at showing some tasty visuals while also informing the consumers about its product offering and quality.

While every age and gender demographic slice scored this ad well above the Dairy category norm, women ages 50+ especially appreciated the ad, awarding it an Ace Score of 713, 8% above the overall Ace Score.

While the ad’s visuals of cracked eggs and savory omlets drove a high Desire score, many consumers found the issue of quality, delicious eggs to be relevant to their interests. Consumers awarded the ad a Desire score 16% above the Dairy 90-day norm. Likewise, the ad’s Relevance component achieved a score of 696, which is 15% above norm.

An astounding 398 of the 500 surveyed consumers felt compelled to leave feedback on this egg-celent ad (sorry, had to do it). Many consumers’ comments shared the sentiment that not only does this ad look delicious, but they are grateful to now know what is different about Eggland’s Best’s eggs.

While egg ads (and dairy product ads, in general) are not something that crack the top of our newsfeed very often, Eggland’s Best certainly made its mark this last week. This ad would work well across a variety of demographics.

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