March 30th, 2015

New Microsoft & Kindle Ads Relate to Consumers


Ace Metrix


Microsoft collaborated with AccuWeather to debut a new ad for its cloud platform. The ad achieved the highest percentage above its Ace Score norm, earning the title of Category Overachiever. Meanwhile, Kindle Fire makes another appearance on our Ads of the Week list. This time, the tablet brand relates to consumers with the all-too-familiar experience of dropping a mobile device down a flight of stairs. Consumers rewarded the relatable spot with the highest Ace Score of any ad to debut last week.

Category Overachiever

Microsoft Cloud partnered with AccuWeather in its new ad “Power to Information.” The minute-long spot earned an Ace Score of 608, which is 10% above the 12-month Software category norm. The ad begins with snippets of weather news and goes on to explain how AccuWeather uses the Microsoft Cloud to quickly get information to its users.

While each of the ad’s six components of Persuasion received scores well above norm, the scores for Information and Desire were particularly noteworthy for the Software category. Consumers found the ad informative, giving it an Information score 21% above norm. Likewise, the ad drove an element of wanting from consumers, with a Desire score also 21% above the 90-day norm.

Older consumers found the ad’s message especially helpful, awarding “Power To Information” an Ace Score of 617, which is 1.5% higher than 21-35-year-olds’ score and 10% higher than 16-20-year-olds’ score.

The ad’s word cloud, which combines 304 optional consumer comments on the ad, reveals why the ad received such a standout score in the Software category. Consumers were nearly equally impressed with the Microsoft Cloud as they were with AccuWeather’s capabilities. Ten percent mentioned the “weather” in the ad while 5% mentioned “AccuWeather” specifically. Eight percent mentioned “Microsoft.” In line with the ad’s high Information component score, 6% called out that they found the ad “informative.”

Microsoft has been on a roll lately for its strong, storytelling narratives. This ad is just another in its recent lineup of ads that communicate a strong message while also integrate one of Microsoft’s product offerings.

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Highest Ace Score

If you’re an avid Ad of the Week reader, you may remember Kindle aired a high scoring ad a couple weeks ago that earned the title of Highest Ace Score. This week, Kindle is back with another high scoring ad that also touts the durability of the Kindle Fire. Consumers awarded the ad, “Twice Durable,” an Ace Score of 653. With 30 seconds of airtime, Kindle informs consumers and then relays a painfully relevant experience with fragile tablets.

“Twice Durable” performed exceptionally well at teaching the consumers something new about the Kindle tablet while incorporating an experience to which many consumers can relate. The ad’s Information component achieved a score of 685, 12% above the 90-day norm. Likewise, the ad’s Relevance component achieved a score of 669, also 12% above norm.

While 15% of consumers thought the brand as well as the ad’s message was the best thing about “Twice Durable,” 32% of consumers found the product to be the best thing.

Reading the ad’s 339 optional comments, it’s clear that consumers are impressed with the tablet’s durability. Many consumers noted that they could also relate to the scene of the man dropping his Kindle down a flight of stairs.

While none of the consumer responses mentioned it, it’s worth noting that the logo for the NCAA briefly appears in the ad with Kindle stating that its tablet is the choice device for the college basketball league.

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