March 26th, 2015

What Consumers Think About (Kevin) Bacon and Eggs


Ace Metrix


Move over “Got Milk,” the American Egg Board now has Kevin Bacon. As part of the Egg Board’s “Incredible Egg” campaign, which aims to communicate the health benefits of eggs and increase consumption during breakfast, Kevin Bacon has stared in a comedic web film (AKA commercial), seen below.  

The video, “Wake up to Eggs with Bacon,” has quickly gained popularity, picked up by various news outlets with a fair amount of social spread.  Ace Metrix tested this ad with 500 respondents and found that viewers had a positive reaction, with an Ace Score of 591, 21 points above the Packaged Foods category norm.  As seen in the Ad Personality chart below, this score was driven by strong Attention and Likeability characteristics, while also generating desire for eggs (and presumably, bacon).

When looking to the voice of the viewer to understand what made this ad such an attention-grabber and so likeable, explanations ranged from being entertaining and funny to more intense reactions, such as being awkward and shocking.

While the ad contained some nutritional benefits about eggs, viewers did not generally feel that they learned much new information, but the narrative and visuals still generated desire for eggs.  To quantify how this ad affected desire for eggs, we asked respondents “Having watched this commercial, how likely are you to have eggs for breakfast?” with results in the chart below.  With no historical benchmarks to compare to, 34% stating a greater likelihood of having eggs for breakfast seems good, given how many people already eat eggs as it is.

Lastly, given how much we at the office enjoyed Kevin Bacon’s work in this ad, and to continue to understand the age-old question of effectiveness of celebrities in advertising, we asked respondents how they felt about Kevin Bacon, which resulted in positive reaction… nice casting choice by the egg folks.

Now off to play a round of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Commercials.


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